5 methods to increase the visibility of your website

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Publish Date : 2020-03-25

5 methods to increase the visibility of your website


In this content, you will have to define the marketing actions to be implemented to improve your performance. Here are 5 actions that will allow you to double the impact of your marketing efforts.
1) Formalize your inbound marketing strategy
Inbound marketing generates 54% more prospects than traditional marketing. The challenge is to formalize this strategy within an action plan so that you can refer to it and make it evolve.
Your inbound marketing strategy should allow you to create a relationship with your target audience based on personalized and non-intrusive marketing.

Formalizing your marketing action plan is essential for:

  • specify your inbound marketing strategy
  • plan your actions
  • convert more prospects, increase your sales
  • Through your inbound marketing strategy, you will seek to increase your traffic, then convert your prospects into customers and finally improve your offer thanks to the monitoring of analyzes and KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Formalize your inbound marketing strategy in steps:

  • Define your levers in order to attract qualified traffic to your site:
  • writing quality articles on your Blog
  • the use of white papers, ebooks, to generate leads 
  • keyword optimization for Search Engines (SEO/ SEO services)
  • promotion on social networks

Convert your prospects into customers thanks to:
effective call-to-action and landing pages
Nurturing: that is to say the "culture" of your prospects, contacts and customers. Measure the heat of the contact's contact to deliver the right message to them at the right time.
Improve your offer thanks to the monitoring of clear analyzes and KPIs:
Follow your statistics to assess the performance of your site through its number of monthly visitors, the conversion rate, ROI (Return On Investment), the average basket, bounce rates, etc.).
Set up dashboards
2) Emphasize the added value of your content
What is the best way to attract qualified prospects today? It's your website. And more particularly his blog. Working on your site, both in content and in form, will give you a definite advantage. Is the navigation easy to handle? Is the content hierarchy suitable? Give the user the information they are looking for where they expect to find it. To do this, optimize the visit path to your site and work on the meaning of your keywords to offer content with added value.
3) Create your own e-book or white paper
White papers and ebooks are very much in vogue right now. Why? Because they allow you to bring real added value to your visitors, and above all, create links.
4) Blog: choosing an effective editorial line
We were talking about natural referencing, know that a blog is an excellent tool for creating and promoting content. To ensure its impact, it is necessary to establish a reference document outlining an editorial line adapted to your marketing strategy. Your blog, thanks to the content that you will disseminate, will allow your site to better position itself in the search engine results.
5) Be active on social networks
According to the report “Digital, Social and Mobile 2015” from the agency We Are Social, 84% of the French population has access to the internet and the web and more than 30 million French people or 45% are daily users of networks social.

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