Before Choosing Your Ticketing And Box Office

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Publish Date : 2020-12-04

Before Choosing Your Ticketing And Box Office

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ticketor is the white-label, fully branded, online ticketing system and box-office solution that has been around for over a decade.

If you have an account with them or are a member of their newsletter, you receive a quarterly “What is New” email, also available here, that highlights the new features and enhancements added to the platform.  We have been following the new feature updates and were surprised by the amount of features this platform supports and adds on a regular basis.

So we decided to sign up on Ticketor and schedule a free demo with them to see these features in details. We scheduled the demo on using their calendar and the demo was done through Zoom.

It was a flexible, 60-minute, one-on-one demo. When asked if we want to focus on certain feature or problem or if we want a general demo, we asked for a general demo. The sales person, Natalie, walked us through a, quick introduction, the company history, list of features, then pricing and reviews.

There were lots of features, many of them unique but very useful that we had not seen on other platforms.  Something like self-service ticket upgrades, seat changes, date changes, exchanges or returns that you cannot find in most platforms and usually takes considerable time from your staff.

The pricing is really competitive. I believe their Premium plan has the best price and hard to beat. It is maybe 3 to 4 times lower than other platforms with a fraction of Ticketor’s features.

Also, Ticketor gives you credit for their fees when you refund tickets. Moreover they charge based on the amount that you charge, meaning that when you give discount or issue comp tickets, you are charged based on the discounted amount. This was another nice surprise as many other ticketing systems do not refund their fees and we actually know a few popular ones that charge extra for refunds or exchanges.

Then Natalie took us to Ticketor’s live demo site at where she showed us a live website built using Ticketor’s website builder feature and demonstrating different pages such as Tickets (event list), Donation, Photo Gallery, Online Store, Blog / News and demonstrated how easy it is to update the site content using a Word-like editor and to create nice-looking animated banners or to add new pages, blog, news or text and graphic content.

The user interface is nice, user-friendly and easy to navigate. One thing that grab our attention was the availability of on-screen walk-throughs and help buttons that made it really easy for us and the new box-office staff to easily learn the site without much training.

Then she showed us some events and how different types of events look and how the end-user can buy tickets. She actually purchased tickets to a theater-style kids show event, a round-table gala, a general admission seminar, a seated game in an arena and the related parking pass, a recurring dance class, a package (bundle) of 3 events, a season pass and an admission to an amusement park all in one transaction.

During the checkout, based on the event configurations, the system suggested to add some amount as donation and offered related events and merchandise to buy.  She added $6 as donation, a $50 gift card and a medium size t-shirt to the cart.

The suggestion of donation during the checkout process is something that most platforms miss and it can help non-profit organizations such as community theaters, churches or schools to dramatically increase the amount of donation they receive.

The gala dinner event required that all attendees choose their choice of dinner. So the system asked for the choice of dinner for each attendee. This is a feature called “Ticketor’s question manager system”. Being able to ask different type of question is another unique feature.

She selected the delivery method for each event and merchandise, applied a promotion code, and paid for the whole invoice using a test credit card that is provided on the demo site.

It was nice to see all type of different events in the system and that she was able to purchase all of them in one transaction. With some systems you cannot combine different events or merchandise in one transaction which is a pain for customers.

The tickets look nice and professional. It is very organized and good looking. The confirmation email is nice and professional but what surprised us was the fact that we could have configured and changed the confirmation text, even-though it is dynamically generated based on the purchased items, payment method and selected delivery methods.

The tickets are customizable and you can add any custom attachment to them such as your sponsors’ logos, event schedule, or any custom terms.

Then she showed us the “Point of Sales” (POS) page. The page is fast, touch-friendly and easy to use and can be used to sell multiple events, season tickets, as well as merchandise and donations on a single page without any page refresh that made the process fast. The POS page allows cash, check and credit card payments. She told us that there are soon going to add options for financing and paying in instalments.

One thing that caught our attention was the ability to add ad-hoc discount or additional charges to the invoice so she was able to issue discounted or complimentary tickets right away and very easily. She explained that it is a permission-based feature and is only available to our sales staff if the administrator grants them the permission.

Then she showed us some reports. All the reports are real-time and show the most recent data. There are plenty of filters as well as the ability to sort and export to Excel.

We looked at some issued invoice and learned how to edit the invoice, perform upgrades, exchanges, refunds, changing delivery methods or resending the confirmation email.

Then we looked at the event creation page. She created an event using a wizard. It was quick and easy. When the wizard was closed, we saw the actual event edit / creation page.

Wow! Lots of settings and configurations!

Recurring event scheduler, date and time settings, delivery methods, exchange / upgrade policy, return policy, social distancing features, buyer fees, categories, availability and restriction, password protected events or prices, events that are available to certain group of users, maximum number of tickets per user, group tickets / family tickets / couples tickets / whole-table tickets,  time-based pricing such as early-bird or last-minute prices, questions to be asked, pre-checkout items (related donation, merchandise or events to offer during the checkout process), ticket design, event streaming options, event promotion and …

We learned about a lot of very nice hidden features that you don’t get just by looking at feature set.

For example you can edit almost anything at any time and they will take effect immediately.  For example you can change the prices or capacity, block or unblock seats, or change event date or details, even after the event is selling, and it will take effect immediately.

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Another nice quality is that the system has no delay. All the reports are real-time. All changes take effect immediately. A buyer can purchase a ticket on their phone and walk through the gate right-away and the gate control app recognizes the ticket.

These features make Ticketor a go-to platform for all kind of ticketing needs, from venues to theater groups, concerts, schools, amusement and activities, classes, charity, churches, etc.

 Some of these features are so unique and make the life much easier. We highly recommend getting a demo if you are considering a new ticketing platform. You will be happy that you did.

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