5 strange things of the Pandemic

Author : Prajwal KR
Publish Date : 2020-05-26

5 strange things of the Pandemic

Caught those UFOs? Or heard of the drive-thru strip club? How about a dog that could sniff out if your Corona positive? Tired of reading the same scripts of news on the pandemic, here’s a list of breaking news that never made it to the limelight as the COVID-19 hype made them invisible. The list comprises of short glimpses of some of the weirdest things the lockdown produced and the news on this list fly in from all over the globe.


1.UFO encounters:

Flying saucers are number Uno on the list, in April the Pentagon officially released three videos that show what appears to be unidentified flying objects recorded by infrared cameras. A video describes a US navy pilot encountering a suitcase-size flying object. Could you imagine a sliver suitcase hovering over your head and maybe paper aliens jumping out?

The UFO encounters occur way back in 2013, 2014, and the latest being 2019. The pilot lays out that 8 such incidents have happened and some even include mid-air collisions. The videos stand authenticated and unedited. Make sure you check these videos on YouTube. A virus threatening humanity and now Aliens soaring in, what’s next China discovers Godzilla?


2.A drive-thru strip club:

Trying to stay in business, The Lucky Devil Lounge (Portland) found a naughty way to keep their sales from crashing by offering a drive-thru service where the food is delivered by dancers right to your car. They even changed their business name to Lucky Devil Eats and the full services of the club are provided in your car, keeping the lounge afloat on profits and their customers happy. Talk about turning your car into a night club!


3.“Dogs” the new Corona test kit:

Apart from being man’s best friend, the dogs already are heroes in various ways and now they could sniff out patients who are COVID positive. Labradors and cocker spaniels are being trained to identify the odor of infected patients and taught to differentiate them among other smells. “roof roof, here comes the doctor” these dogs are termed Medical Detection dogs and can sniff 250 people in an hour, this tail-wagging research by London school of hygiene and tropic medicine have received a €500,000 funding from the British government and are producing ground-barking results, oops I meant ground-breaking results. Maybe Marvel should forget Spiderman and come up with Dogman.


4.Mumbai lakes turn pink:

Nope! The lakes did not turn pink literally. As the city of Mumbai escaped human activities due to the nation-wide lockdown, the city’s air purified and that welcomed the Pink Flamingoes. These birds are migratory and fly many miles across to visit the western and southern coasts of India. Their arrival was truly staggering as they came in phenomenal numbers and flourished the lakes with their elegant pink. Thank you, Corona for restoring life back into wildlife.


5.Human urine – the new concrete of the moon

As absurd as it sounds, freakishly it’s true.

The European Space Agency stated that human urine could be used as an ingredient to make concrete. Urea the major component of urine could play a handy role in making “Lunar concrete”. A mixture of powdery soil found on the moon called regolith and urea could be used to make something similar to cement. Who knew astronauts could make building on the moon out of their pee! The 1.5 liters of pee we produce every day may pave way for the colonization of the moon.

Sometime in the distant future “welcome to the moon! the lunar base you arrived at is 100% pee”


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