Using social media for link building

Publish Date : 2020-08-11

Using social media for link building

We all know that link-building is itself a critical element of social media having a monumental impact on any website’s authority. In simple words, the authority of a site tells us how well a website ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Many SEO experts underestimate the importance of social media in a link-building strategy because Google has claimed that it does not take social media signals into consideration when determining a web page’s or a web sites authority.

If social media shares are not able to directly affect the authority of a website, then what would be the point of reading this article on Power of Link Building & Social Media? Let us now address all concerns and queries about social media and link building, one at a time.

Do links present on social media handles count as backlinks?

If no one knows the answer to this question, then they are in luck because this paragraph is for them. Social share is often considered no-follow links because they pass no authority from one site to the next. This means that while they may appear in the back-link profile, they are not counted as links that will boost your site’s authority.

Are all no-follow links as useless as they can be? And does social media provide any benefits for SEO friendly content and link building? For these two questions, the answer is simple: Yes!

Here is an explanation in detail:

Recent analysis proves that social media can impact a website directly. Social media interactions often correlate with quality and quality then correlates with higher rankings.

A lot of websites having high authority have a credible and engaging social media presence followed by a top-notch content strategy. Brands can test this on their own (and so can you). Type something like ‘Best golf clubs’ on the search engine and click on the first result that shows up. Afterward, see if they have an active social media presence or not.

If social media does not impact link-building or page authority, there comes a question: Why are all top brands and organizations investing their time and money into it?

Earning organic and natural links via brand visibility and recognition

Even without a direct influence on SEO, a good social media strategy can increase the overall brand visibility. This helps customers understand the value brands can provide and how it caters to the target audience’s needs, simultaneously redirecting users to your site and increasing referral traffic.

A good social media marketing strategy always helps brands earn organic links. Organically earned links can also be referred to as natural links and they directly improve the website’s reputation as well as where it ranks on Google and other renowned search engines.


Why is it imperative to optimize a brand’s profiles on social media?

It is as always, a very good idea; for brands and businesses alike to optimize their social media profiles inactive manner. Reasons are as under:

Ease of discoverability in the result of search engines

People who are searching for the brand should be able to see the website, the social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the search engine results.

Giving brands an edge over their competitors through brand recognition

The growing usage of social media these days has led psychologists comparing it with drug usage and addiction. A lot of people spend so much time using social media platforms that it does not come out as a surprise if they are using these platforms searching for their favorite and not so favorite brands.

Now, if their profile is not optimized or visible on such platforms, they will adversely affect the brands top of the line recall.

Brand recognition will give brands an edge over competitors. People will be more likely to click on that brand’s site, even if it ranks below the competition.

For instance, if a brand is writing a blog on premium phones and users search for the ‘best phones’, the first result is of a company, users have never heard of versus Apple, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, etc. Which brand will the user be most likely to read about and which one will they be most like to recommend to their followers?

Once they have made their choice, brands will then link back to their site in their article.

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