The basics of building high-quality backlinks

Publish Date : 2020-05-22

The basics of building high-quality backlinks

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Today we will tackle a very important topic which is about the basics of building backlinks with high quality. This article includes best practices while building backlinks and also practices that we should stay away from when building backlinks to our websites like the best Mississauga SEO company has done.

What are backlinks:

Backlinks are the development of a link to your site on another site, and with the development of search algorithms in Google and other engines, it has become difficult to manipulate and publish links randomly and the process of link building has become dependent on the natural methods favoured by Google. Building 10 natural links are better than adopting 100 links that are classified as annoying.

 Practices to stay away from while building backlinks:

1- The webmaster must avoid randomly posting the link on a specific site or several sites, for example (entering a site that allows placing a comment so we start posting links in comments randomly, this will be exposed to Google algorithms which will lead your site to ban).

2- Do not publish a link on a page that contains thousands of links, for example (I entered on a site and found that it gives in the comment backlinks DoFollow, but at the same time I found that thousands have added a comment) then know that this page has lost its importance and has not Is important or valuable to build a backlink on)

3- Do not publish a group of links in one topic or comment. (This would classify you as spam publishers)

4- Don't buy links to your site no matter how important it is, because that will lead your site to enter into a manual procedure that is difficult to get out of.

5- Do not purchase backlink building services unless you have full confidence in the service provider so that you do not fall into a whirlpool that is difficult to get out of.

6- When building backlinks, do not rely solely on sites with a high PageRank. Rather, you should make sure to build backlinks gradually 1-10.

Practices you should follow when building backlinks:

1- Building links on sites similar to your content.


2- In case you depend on blogging as a guest, rely on high-quality content, and do not place more than one link in the blog.


3- Make the comments the last hope in building links and be confident that the page you added your comment to contains no more than 5 external links.


4- Write rich content on your site to allow others to post links to your site, which will give you a big boost in the process of building natural links.

5- Rely on advertising campaigns that highlight your services and your site’s content and get others to write about you. This is a free and natural link to your site.

6- Adopt newspaper articles in the event that you offer unique things, as it is your way to attract the attention of the largest possible number of visitors on the Internet.

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