Large Chain Grocery Shop in Karachi

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Large Chain Grocery Shop in Karachi

Health, sustainability and fresh fruits online in Karachi

If you are also tired of taking in the general paranoia around health and fitness that has had a rampant growth across the globe and are constantly looking for fresh fruits online in Karachi, let us give you our two cents on this entire edifice of debates built around health and environmental protection. There is this World Bank report called “Pakistan at 100” that brings to the forefront a bunch of key options that the country can exercise in order to become an upper middle income country by the time we are celebrating 100th independence day in the year 2047. Pakistan came about as a result of a tough struggle and the start was quite challenging to begin with. Despite such a complicated political history, the first 3 decades are still considered exemplary of successful development and the economy grew in the early years along with the livelihoods of its many peoples. While the development trajectory has had its own hiccups since then we haven’t been able to straighten out our priorities regarding sustainability either. The current government, however, has made it a point to include environmental sustainability in its manifesto and continues to undertake ambitious plans for initiatives focused on ecological improvement. We as individuals should also take the lead in the matter, looking beyond our diet plans and closed circles of self-interest to start making an impact towards goals that ensure the region remains livable for our children and grandchildren.

Start a culture of recycling and save those precious trees!

Who does not like to stroll around in a fresh fruits store in Karachi and feel great about his/her “healthy” life choices but did you know that by recycling only one short ton (0.91 t) of paper you could save 17 mature trees? Only one tree, on average, generates about 260 pounds of oxygen in year – just reflect on that for a moment. A huge chunk of municipal solid waste is paper and associated products while it takes much less energy to create recycled paper compared to chopping down trees and creating it from the scratch. If using paper is absolutely necessary for our tasks we can at least try and propagate recycling culture and only use what we are able to generate through it, so we can gradually wean off its usage completely. We need to start saying no to ‘virgin’ paper since that basically means cutting down trees and this will be an important step towards living clean and green.

Get off that couch and start trimming down your energy wastage

We also ought to start cutting down on the energy waste that has become typical, especially in terms our urban living standards. This will not just directly benefit the environment but also be great for health and convenience once we get the hang of making difficult and prudent choices. For example, if we have to go to a place that is barely a 15-20 minute walk from our location, instead of igniting the engines of the motor vehicles, thereby burning hydrocarbons and making mother earth sad, what we can simply do is to ride a bicycle or decide to walk. Given our routine it sounds a bit odd, I agree, but that should not hold us back knowing that we’ll be bringing a plethora of positive changes in our lives and environment by making these small hard choices. Not to mention the degree of hassle that we will be subverting by such small actions, like avoiding the trouble of having to find a parking slot in our cluttered markets. We can also work on cutting down energy consumption in our homes and start shifting to more renewable sources, like solar power, for our essential needs. We can simple save energy by turning off appliances that are not in use, raising AC thermostat in the summers, lowering heater temperature in winters and getting as much done with manual labor as we can instead of using machines. All these steps will save you some money with smaller electricity bills and you will be left with more resources, better health and a safer environment.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – case in point: kitchen waste and compost bins

Another small step we can take towards being more eco-friendly is to start reducing our kitchen waste and having compost bins. There is plenty of kitchen waste that can be put to good use, like cut outs from fruits, veggies, breads, meats, etc. and some of the waste can be reused later for food preparation while the remaining can be used by the environment if channelized properly. Compost bins have been really popular in some the developed countries and while they help you save more money by increasing reusability of things, they also come in handy while working on your own garden. A compost bin will help the plants grow better and save you the extra money spent on buying fancy compost from the outside. Quit restricting your eco-friendly plans to just searching “fresh fruits online Karachi” and start working towards taking the next steps. If all of the above seem overwhelming at first, just take your pick and start somewhere such that the positivity brought forth by taking one step becomes your motivator to take more.

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