What Content Do You Add to Your Blog?

Author : Jake Davis
Publish Date : 2021-01-27

What Content Do You Add to Your Blog?

If it's been said once, it's been said a million times - Content is King. If content is king, are you constantly adding new content to your blog? If not, maybe it's because you don't have a plan to follow and you're bored doing the same old thing (I know I get to that point sometimes!). If you really want to generate targeted traffic to your site, it's time to kick your blog up a notch, with more and different types of content.

Let's look at all the different types of content that can be added to your blog - and how you can use it to your benefit.

Posts you write yourself

Writing blog post after blog post can put you in a rut, so consider changing up to different types of posts.


  • teach your readers something
  • explain a technique you've tried
  • offer a case study using a particular technique or business model
  • offer a personal glimpse at your lifestyle (as a result of your business)
  • answer reader's questions
  • do a top 10 list
  • list your favorite resources


Outsourced Articles

Hire a ghostwriter to write some of your posts. If they can write well about your subject, focus on creating an awesome piece that goes viral because it's so good.





Articles from article directories

If you find an occasional article from an article directory that fits your topic, post it. Remember, you can't change these articles, but you can add your own paragraph before the article and even after it. That way you can give it a personal twist and add an affiliate link if you so choose.

Product Reviews

You can review products in-depth and highlight the product's plusses and minuses. Do some of these without adding your affiliate link and boost your credibility by showing you care about your readers.


Videos are not only great for Search Engine Optimization, they also give your blog higher perceived value. Some types of videos to consider include:


  • show how to do something, such as a Camtasia video on how to FTP or a video on how to teach a dog to sit
  • videos from others in your field
  • from YouTube and other video sharing directories



This medium also gives your blog higher perceived value.


  • interview some experts and post the recordings to your blog
  • read your posts out-loud for those who prefer to listen than read



Pictures help break up blocks of text as well as catch the reader's attention.


  • humorous/comic clip art that relates to your niche
  • stock photos
  • screenshots of your various accounts, or of the cool tool you want to talk about


Guest blog posts

If you are networking enough to know others in your field, ask one or two bloggers you respect and that you know will have a lot to offer your readers to write guest posts for your blog.

Planning is Everything!

It's important to come up with a plan for your blog. Planning ahead for the content on your blig will give you direction. Decide which days you will add to your blog, and map out which type of content you will add each day. That way, you're more likely to give your blog the attention it deserves, and get the traffic you want.

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