Top 7 Ways to Make Blog Income Without Creating a Product

Publish Date : 2021-01-27

Top 7 Ways to Make Blog Income Without Creating a Product

There are a variety of ways to make income with your blog without creating a product. You just need to decide how you want to make money and what your niche is. Different niche can use different ways to make money. What might work for one specialized market may not work for another.

1. Google AdSense

This has long been the king of the market for making money with your blog. While it does not make a lot of money, it allows you to earn a few cents every time someone clicks on one of the ads on your site. Depending on traffic this can add up to a good income per month.

2. Other advertising sites

There are alternatives to Google AdSense that are available with a quick search. These alternatives may pay more per click or be affiliated with companies that pay more. Some of these sites will allow for rotating banner ads and some allow links inside the text of your blog post.

3. Get Sponsors

Sponsors pay you to advertise on their website. Some advertisers will ask to be sponsors for free, but then will pay you a commission based on the sales that come from your website. There are sponsors who will pay to have their ad on your site and pay a commission. Which blog cash option is right for you will depend on the advertiser and the amount of commission and sponsor fee and your niche.

4. Affiliate Marketing

While this may sound similar to the previous options this is actually a little different. With this option you look for products that people in your niche might be able to use. Then look for an affiliate program related to that product. You can then advertise the product to your readers.

5. Review Products

Rules have recently changed in this market. You will need to tell your readers if the product was given to you or if you get paid from people purchasing the product from your link. While the rules have changed people are still looking for honest reviews of products. As long as your review is honest many will be OK with you getting the product for free or getting some money.

6. Create an Auction Blog

You can program a website to have an auction, but with a WordPress blog you can look for plugins to add an eBay or other auction. Then you can make commission off sales that come from your website.

7. Donations

This is a surprisingly simple option that works. Depending on the information your blog provides, the niche and the readers you may be able to ask your readers for donations. While you may have various opinions about this, your readers may be very receptive.

Making income on your blog varies as much as blogs do. You can try various methods mentioned and combinations to see what makes money on your blogs. Another way is looking at blogs similar to yours and seeing what works. Good luck with your future blog income!

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