Sexy Female Body Shape That Seduces Men

Author : SusyBager
Publish Date : 2021-01-28

Sexy Female Body Shape That Seduces Men

Because, this is the opinion of men about their ideal woman and their dreams… .. I can't wait to find out, here are the parts of a woman's body that are said to make men tempted, see according to the order.

1. Athletic Body
Men like women who are athletic because in their view they are definitely capable of being good mothers. With a fit body, the woman will certainly be able to live her days as a mother and do various household tasks. Athletic women are also believed to be able to protect themselves from harm.
2. Breast that is solid and contains
For men, the most beautiful women's breasts are in their early 20s. Their favorite is the thick, full breasts that appear in men's magazines or underwear advertisements.

If you don't have full breasts don't be sad just yet. According to the research, men like breasts regardless of its shape. It doesn't matter whether the breasts are small or large, men are definitely attracted to women's breasts.

One more additional fact why men like women's breasts is because there is a part around the nipple called the aerola. During sex, aerola will smell that seduces men. That is why men like to play with their breasts during sex.

3. Legs
When a woman is a teenager, their legs will increase in level. Well, in the eyes of men, long legs indicate a woman's maturity.

Many women with long legs recognize these advantages. Usually they use high heels or mini skirts to further accentuate the sexiness of their legs.
Men also like it when women wear high heels. According to men, shoes that are easy to make sore feet make women's feet more sexy, make women's buttocks and backs more attractive.

The funny thing is, when the fertile period or menstruation, women instinctively feel like using mini skirts or clothes that seduce men.

4. Slim waist
The hourglass body shape has always been a female idol. Since five centuries ago, women have tried hard to realize this form through the formation of corsets, strict diets, to plastic surgery. The more in line the hips with the waist make men more interested. The impression is that these women accumulate a lot of fat so that they are reproductively less fertile.

5. Rounded buttocks
The full round buttocks certainly make men's eyes unable to look away. A woman's butt has many functions, such as storing fat for breastfeeding and a place to accumulate energy for certain moments. This is why many people think the bigger the butt the more attractive the woman is.

In ancient times women tried hard to make their butt look even bigger. But this is not the case now, even a big butt seems to indicate an unhealthy body.

6. Slim stomach
Surely this is no longer a surprise, a slim stomach will make a man fall in love. Why ? First, because obviously a slim stomach indicates that the woman is not pregnant. Then what again? According to the men, a slim stomach indicates that the woman is good at taking care of herself and cares about her health.

Belly jewelry, such as piercing in the stomach or chains around the stomach, according to men, makes the stomach even sexier. The chain makes a woman's hips appear bigger as well as streamlines the waist.

That is all ? Of course not, there are still seven things that are sure to make a man fall in love immediately.

7. Neck Level
Men's necks are generally short, wide and sturdy. Historically, such necks were useful for carrying heavy objects, such as game animals.
Well, because of that women's neck makes men fascinated. A long neck is considered a very seductive sign of femininity, making men love to kiss and decorate it with jewelry.

8. Friendly face
Secretly, men idolize women with faces that are slightly childish and full of smiles. Small face, small chin, elegant jaw, high cheekbones, full lips, and big eyes are the favorite facial features of men.

A face like this makes a man instinctively want to protect and give affection. A younger face will indeed make a man tempted. Therefore, it is not surprising that facelift and plastic surgery services are quite often used by women who are starting to wrinkle.

9. Sensual Mouth
Humans are the only living things whose lips are on the outside. The thickness of a woman's lips is the same as her vagina. These two parts of the body will react and be filled with blood flow when aroused.

Men like women who have full and sensual lips. For women who don't have this lip shape, don't worry.

The charm of a sexy woman on the beach rako

Hello guys. See you again with me Betrix Aran. 
Women who like adventure and write freelance stories after sunbathing on the beach or in a waterfall. Wow, what a thirst for natural beauty is satisfied. Guys, why is a sexy woman an object of scenery for men. How a man feels perfect side by side with a woman like that. Her body was so sexy, with her eyebrows shaved in a crescent moon pattern, her hair like a wild, flowing pomegranate lips. Ouch ~

A woman with the charm of a pars pro toto body — sorry to use that term, as long as I love Indonesian and really want to be a true Indonesian. Sexy for the eyes that always distract men, sexy for lips that always greet each eye with objects of the opposite sex.

Guys, women with pars pro toto body — partly for the whole — implied that the woman was really beautiful in human eyes. Not all women are viewed as such by some men who adhere to the pro-parte totem style. Often times, a handful of men prefer women as a whole, both physical and non-physical.

A man who has a pro parte totem style, is the male idol of every woman who wants to yearn for happiness in the household, guys. Women with pars pro toto body will show their uniqueness — for example, I call it a hairstyle. With barely enough capital he would spend money at the salon — leaving homework to care for himself. As a result guys, not until a month or even before the second month the hair has returned to its original position. Ah damn!

From my writing I will explain the reason why Rako Beach — which is an inanimate object — then I align it with the body of a sexy woman — a living thing ?.

Someone might say that I'm too hyperbole — which actually makes sense. Usually, women with sexy bodies may often be found in large companies in urban areas or in banks. But this time, a sexy-bodied woman — is it — at Rako Beach? Oops!

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the word beach means (1) seaside, coastal, (2) land border with ocean. So, I can conclude according to my mind that the beach is the source of life. Fish will be obtained at sea and brought to the coast to be sold or eaten.

Rako Beach is one of the beaches below the forked slopes of Mount Lewotobi. Every vacation, many tourists flock to spend time while erasing fatigue on this beach.

The people who live on this beach spend their time fishing and farming — they live simply. Maybe because of that livelihood, people don't want to be preoccupied with all the complicated life issues and all the trifles. "People are friendly and appreciate every visitor who comes," said my friend Hesty after enjoying the day lying on the white sand.

There are boats and small boats left floating on sea water just to add to the beach atmosphere. Small fish keep on chasing tirelessly, as well as crabs who also witness the beauty of nature made by God. The beach is really amazing.

The charm of a sexy woman

Guys, it's like heaven that appears in the eyes — just like the charm of Rako Beach. The memory of the beauty of Rako Beach will never leave the memory of every visitor who comes. No matter how far he goes, there will always be a longing to return. The village which has the charm of Rako Beach is the most fortunate village to be visited and remembered for as long as the memory is still strong.

The sexy woman version of Rako Beach is naturally beautiful including clear sea water, stretching white sand, sailboats that do not collapse hit by waves, the hospitality of the local community, and the fish obtained by fishermen are the souvenirs of visitors.

It's amazing — believe me. If the sea water recedes, we will easily mingle with fishermen and local people when looking for snails for side dishes. An experience that is rarely found, right?

A breezy wind piercing the bone marrow adds to the warmth of the atmosphere. About that woman, don't worry — this time the sexy lady is for real. A sexy woman at Rako Beach, she is still alone and wants to be accompanied by thousands of visitors.

Garbage - until it is stored in the trash without anyone scattering. Her body was still a virgin — far from the reach of foreign investors who wanted to destroy or build luxurious buildings with greed.

Rako beach pro parte totem. Its beauty covers all aspects. Let's spend the holidays with family at Rako Beach.

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