Add-Ons to Include on Your WordPress Blog

Publish Date : 2021-01-27

Add-Ons to Include on Your WordPress Blog

If you've just started or are about to start a WordPress blog then you probably know that there are many different add ons you can include to do just about anything you want with the program.

That's the beauty of WordPress. There are so many ways you can upgrade from the basic program and include all kinds of features. There is a plugin for just about everything you can imagine.

To me, there are a few different kind of add ons so let's talk about them one by one:
1. Widgets
2. Plugins
3. Themes


Every WordPress installation comes installed with the option to use what are called 'Widgets'. A widget is basically a feature that you can add on to the sidebar of your WordPress blog. The great thing about widgets is that they are simply as drag and drop to install - no techy knowledge needed!

Some of the features you can add to your sidebar with the click of a mouse:
- Calendar
- Links (also known as Blogroll)
- Recent Comments
- Text (you can put anything in here including your email sign up form)
- Meta Information (you can put your blog login and other info in the sidebar)

Now some of the custom themes you will get have their own unique widgets included that are not typically in the widget area. There are also widget options to add archives, categories and a search bar but these usually come automatically coded into most WordPress themes.


If you can think up something you want to do with your blog, there is probably a plugin for that.

Plugins are another add on feature that make WordPress a powerful leader in blogging and also in website design.

Here are just some of the types of plugins you can install and use on your site:
- Spam protection.
- Search Engine Optimization
- Social media connections.
- Comment replies.
- RSS Feeds.
- Related post listings.

Plugins are fairly easy to install as well. You can simply click on the 'Plugins' option in your WordPress Dashboard and then choose to add new plugins. Then you can do a search through the available plugins that you can upload and install. Once they're installed it's a matter of going to your plugins page and clicking Activate.


WordPress itself is a free program. There are also hundreds or thousands of free themes available online made by a wide range of designers. Not only that, but you can buy higher quality more professional themes for a fairly reasonable price.

I put themes into the category of an 'add on' because they really can be changed very easily. It's kind of like a dress you can put on your site. If you change your theme all the other elements of the blog such as your widgets, plugins and content remain the same.

Many themes come with their own features and as mentioned before widgets.

So there you have three main categories of add ons that you can include in your WordPress blog.

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