5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog - Bring in an Avalanche of Eyeballs with These Top Tricks

Author : Glenn Baker
Publish Date : 2021-01-30

5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog - Bring in an Avalanche of Eyeballs with These Top Tricks

In this article we are going to cover 5 easy ways to get traffic to your blog. If you are reading this article, the chances are you've got a blog, and would like to get some more eager eyeballs in front of your prose. There is NOTHING more frustrating than spending a nice chunk of time in front of your small screen, crafting a masterpiece to rival the very finest Hemingway or Melville ever penned...only to learn that the only readers you have are your two sisters and your aunt Esther in Boca Raton. It's deflating, exasperating and ultimately leads most of us to jump off the money train whose destination was SUPPOSED to be a big buck blog..:-) But fret not, I'm going to give you a little jump start back on the proverbial path to prosperity...where you belong! Read on..:-)

Be Social

Never overlook the social networks as an evergreen source of easy traffic. You need to be creating good content and invest about 20 minutes a day for a few weeks to sit at the "cool kids table", but once you're in....your analytics are going to amp up in a major way!

Exploit the Egocentric Urge

Want a veritable AVALANCHE of new readers to your blog? Quite simply, go find the 5 biggest fish in your vertical market, and write glowing, incandescent reviews of them, and THEIR blogs. Invariably they will discover that you've written a flattering piece (usually automatically, many bloggers have Google alerts set for mention of their sites) and will IMPLORE their readers to go check out what YOU had to say about them! This is easy to do, and is universally applicable. no matter how big the fish, everyone wants to be acknowledged as exceptional, and when they are...they want everyone else to see it!






Pings the Thing

Submit each new post you create to Google's blog ping server. You'll find if you are keyword careful, your new post will show up in the results page within 30 minutes, sometimes less!

Article Directories

Do NOT overlook the article directories. You are most probably reading THIS article due to an article directory submission, and if you visit my blog after reading this, it will be a pretty process oriented example as to how this works in real time. I write articles everyday on topics I cover on my blog, and it's a big source of my daily traffic metrics. Most SEO and online marketers do NOT do this everyday...and this gives MY message an unfair advantage over those who are too lazy to do the same.

Press Releases

Create some news! There are FREE PR directories across the internet that will accept just about anything that is remotely newsworthy..:-) Give your blog a voice and say something interesting about ANYTHING. And then submit it for free as a newsworthy piece of press. Don't be surprised to see your story hit the Google news wire within 24 hours. Who would have thought it could be this easy!

And STOP Looking for the Magical Solution Out "There".

Focus on the magic within. You have it, I know you do. We ALL do. The one certitude online is this: Content is king. And creativity is coveted. Show you have lots of both in areas that you care most about, and people will beat down your door to revel in it. They do for me, and I guarantee the same for you as well. Life is short, and the journey of 1000 miles begins with one simple step. What are you waiting for?

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