Tips to get more storage space in your kitchen

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Publish Date : 2020-04-01

Tips to get more storage space in your kitchen

Nowadays apartments tend to run smaller than we would like. However, when the rents are cheaper, and the location is better, sometimes we settle for a smaller living space. This decision doesn’t come without sacrifice, at least in some areas. Since the place is small, some rooms must be smaller than preferred and usually, the kitchen is one of the rooms where space is lacking. Still, there are many ways to deal with a small kitchen. All you need to do is be a little resourceful and creative. When you feel like you have pulled out all the stops in your tinny kitchen, we are here to jump in. Here are a few ideas on how you can get more storage space in your kitchen.

Use the space above your cabinets

Take a look at your kitchen cabinets. Do they go all the way up to the ceiling or is there some space in between? If there is, you're in luck! Certainly, this is not the handiest and convenient spot to store stuff, but it still shouldn’t be wasted. Use it to put away things that you do not use very often, but still don't want to throw out. For instance, you can put away that cake holder you take out only occasionally or the juicer your husband must have but never uses.

Use all the open wall space you can get your hands on

For those that are creative, the sky is the limit. Truly there are so many ways to use empty wall space in your small but cozy kitchen. Rag boards, shelves, hooks, foldable tables, and many other things are valid options. Your choice will depend on your needs. Try to supplement your kitchen with something that you are currently missing. The more comfortable you are in it, the more delicious meals will come out of this room.

Magnetic knife strips can be used for so much more

Holding knives on a magnetic strip is a fabulous way to have your knives in one spot and safely secured. So, not only will you get more storage space in your drawers, you will have them secured away from your kids' reach. Yet, we did mention that this is the perfect time to be creative. Be a true kitchen innovator and use the magnetic knife strip for other kitchen tools made of metal.

Do not let your cabinet space go to waste

Many of us do not have the neatest cabinets. We do not mean to call you out, but this is the truth in the majority of cases. Pots, pans and other dishes can be stacked on top of each other only so far. What you can do is add additional shelves in your kitchen cabinets to get more storage space. Not only will you have more space to use, but your kitchen things will be packed in a much neater manner. Also, this way you can have easily breakable objects packed with care. It will be easier to keep everything intact if your shelves aren't overstacked.

Get more storage space by using the side of your cabinets

It is once again time to glance at the outside of your charming kitchen cabinets. We were clever, and we used the space above the cabinets. What about your cabinet sides? Do you have a cabinet where the side of it is empty and showing? If you do, it is time to be creative yet again. This is the perfect place for stylish hooks or hangers, that you can use to hang smaller kitchen items. Not only will you get more storage space, but you can also style up the place with cool kitchen accessories.

Use your oven space for storage

We will take creativity one step further and advise you to use your oven to store baking sheets and other pans. Still, be careful when preparing your morning muffins. With all the hustle and bustle going around, it is easy to forget all that is in there. Make sure you free up your oven before use.

Give your sink a dual purpose

Counter space is something that you need the most when preparing food in the kitchen. It gets very uncomfortable when this space is lacking. One thing that you can do is purchase a cutting board that fits your sink. While preparing food it can be of great help. Once you are done with the preparations, you can easily remove it and go about your business of cooking a delicious lunch for your family.

Hooks for your mugs

As much as we love our coffee mugs and we cannot imagine our morning coffee without them, the truth is they are very space-consuming and hard to stack. Get more storage space in your kitchen by hanging your mugs on the wall. The space above your sink can be a great starting point for this mini-project.

What should you do when you run out of ideas?

By now you should slowly get an idea on how to get more storage space in your kitchen. At some point, you might run out of ideas and inspiration. That is quite alright. Working on your interior space can at some point be like writing. You just get a blockage and it takes time for it to pass. If you are in a rut and you need to push through it, you can check out inspirational kitchen showrooms or magazines to spark up your imagination.

In the end, you might be surprised how creative you can be and how much can fit in your small kitchen. One thing that we should warn you about is that making your small kitchen into your favorite cooking spot takes a lot of time, effort and energy. You will do many small projects before you get the end product that you desire. Remember, getting more storage space is key, but so is organization. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to transform your kitchen into your favorite room in the house!


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