Things to know before buying home appliances online

Publish Date : 2020-06-30

Things to know before buying home appliances online

Buying products from online stores and e-commerce platforms are the norm these days. You can buy virtually anything online and have it delivered right at your doorsteps. People are getting more comfortable with purchasing their needs online, however, the same cannot be said for home appliances.


A lot of people are still reluctant to buy home appliances online. The cost of these products is no joke and you would expect them to serve your family for a long time that’s why people prefer going to shops and ensure the quality of the home appliances they will be buying.      


It’s reasonable but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has stopped us from going out of our homes so we have no choice but to buy everything we need online. If you’re having doubts about buying appliances online and you really need one, read these tips so you can make smart decisions.

Research about the brand

Anybody can sell online on different e-commerce platforms or on their own websites. Which means you have access to more brands than ever. But don’t be overwhelmed. In buying home appliances, it is important that you buy from a brand that you trust to ensure the quality of the product you will be buying.


If you have a preferred brand that you have tried and tested before, it is better to opt for those. But buying online means you’ll have more options that are cheaper or have better features. If you’re buying appliances from a brand that you are not familiar with, read about them online and try to find where the products are being manufactured, how long the company has been operating, and their historical success.

Read reviews

One part of researching the brand is to read reviews about it. Most e-commerce platforms allow users to submit reviews and what’s good about this is that they can only leave reviews if they were confirmed to make a purchase.


Reading reviews about a specific brand and product gives you the idea of what you will get. Make sure to check if the product customers get is the one as advertised, if there are no problems with the product, and performance is satisfactory. Keep in mind that reviews most of the time are done as soon as the product is received by a customer.

Buy from Official Stores

Some brands have their own e-commerce websites but some don’t. They rely on famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon to sell their products online. If this is the case, make sure that the shop you are buying from is official stores of the brand or they are official distributors. This is to avoid buying knock offs.


Doing a simple background check is easy and would only take a few minutes to know if the store you’re buying from is legitimate or not.

Make sure there are warranty and return options

Warranty is very important for home appliances wherever you buy from and is especially important in buying online. Sellers may be a little sneaky and will not put all details in product listings so better send a message or email the shop before making a purchase.


Check for return options as well. Ordering online doesn’t go perfectly all the time. There might be defects in the product and once it does, you should be able to contact the shop and apply for a return for free including shipping. You wouldn’t want to pay for home appliances that you can neither use nor sell.

Take proper measurements

This is important especially if you are buying appliances that take a lot of space and you’re allotting an area for it. Make sure that you take the measurement of the area you’ll place and double-check the product details of the product you are planning to buy so it fits. It’s also a good idea to give some extra allowance to the measurement just in case the actual measurement of the appliances you’ll be buying is off by a little.

Check delivery options

Last but not least, check for the delivery options. Always ask if they are offering free shipping and if not, double-check how much you’ll be paying for shipping because home appliances are often bulky.


Also, check the origin of the product (where it will be shipped from) and the shipping method. If it’s going to come from overseas, it might be a little risky since the package will probably receive some damage. As much as possible, buy from a shop that is going to deliver your product on land.

Key takeaway

The world of e-commerce is truly amazing. We can literally buy anything from our smartphones and have it delivered at our doorsteps, especially home appliances! Take these tips into consideration always to make sure that you are buying the right product. Remember, home appliances are like investments. Although they deteriorate, you would expect to use it for a lot of years before you’ll need a new one.


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