Safety tips for Christmas decorations on your roof

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Publish Date : 2021-05-04

Safety tips for Christmas decorations on your roof

The very best holidays for you and yours! Infinite Roofing, as your local roofers, want you and your family to be safe and healthy this year and we provide this disclaimer: No one should try to hang Christmas lights when snow or ice is visible on the ground or on the roof, or during wet weather conditions .


Homeowners must follow all local roofing and safety codes and ensure their own safety when they go on a roof this year. We strongly recommend that no homeowner should stand or walk on a roof without taking proper precautions. If you really have to walk and stand on the roof this Christmas, be careful not to damage your roof and shingles. We recommend that you always have someone to assist you throughout the installation process, even if it's just to keep an eye on things.


The holidays are fast approaching and people are getting into the Christmas spirit, which means that many homeowners in the Capital Region are thinking about all those great lights and eye-catching decorations. Fantastic large scale displays with Christmas lights and decorations are more popular now than ever before. Neighborhoods light up with outdoor lighting, from garden displays to decorated trees, to lighting all over the house. However, keep in mind that if improperly installed, these electrical lights and decorations can also be dangerous and it is important to address any safety concerns so that your decorations can withstand the extreme local winter conditions we can receive.


When dealing with your Christmas decorations, it is very important that you set everything up so that your roof does not get damaged and you or someone else is endangered. Holiday decorations and roof lights can add a special touch to your roof. However, installing these decorations, especially electric lamps, and moving devices can be very dangerous.


Safety on the roof

Before starting any roof lighting projects, any experienced local roofer will remind you to always put safety first. Whatever your roof safety plan, it is important to have someone on hand while you work. They can manage your tools and give you supplies and decorations so you can focus fully on the task. They can help you use the ladder safely by holding onto the ladder. Unless you're decorating the chimney or the ridge at the top of your roof, you really don't need to walk on your roof, which can be very dangerous and requires some knowledge and extra safety equipment. Great displays are those people from street level, so there's really no need to go above the eaves to have a beautifully decorated roof.

If you do need to step on some of the roof surface, or even just generally to work from a ladder, wear sturdy gym shoes that have a good grip and lie comfortably on the roof surface. You really don't want to call in your local roofers prematurely in the New Year, but it would be even worse if you or a loved one needed medical attention because you didn't take the proper precautions.


Check your holiday lights and gear

Another top tip from Infinite Roofing for the best safety practice for your roofing with your Christmas lights is to make sure that all of your lighting strands are in good working order and that you have plenty of them covering the area you plan to illuminate. Of course, you should check and make sure that all of them are suitable for outdoor use. Have a solid plan on how best to install any holiday lights you have on hand. Lay the light strands in your home a few days before installing them. Look for frayed wires that can be a fire hazard. Now is a great time to replace broken or missing strands of bulbs. Remove any strands that are not in order immediately, it is not worth the risk!


Protect your roof and shingles

Before installing your lights on the roof, make sure you have plastic clips or hooks on hand to attach the lights to the eaves or gutters. Plastic clips have a much less damaging effect on your roof compared to nails or metal hooks. Having outdoor extension cords where you need them is important and makes it easier for you to get everything lit up when the time comes. You can attach the light strands to shingles, eaves or gutters. A very important thing is not to hang anything heavy next to the lights as it can damage the parts of your roof. If you find extremely loose gutters or fixtures, have them repaired before hanging lights on them as they can become further loose during harsh winter weather or go to waste. fall down while taking all your decorations with you. Using nails that would make a hole in your roof is a huge no! The structure of your roof is vital and every small hole can eventually lead to a much larger hole that allows moisture to seep into the roof. Plastic lighting clips are very simple and inexpensive. Most hardware stores carry these clips around their lights and tree displays. You can also use plastic zip ties that won't damage your roof fixings. If you plan to put heavy displays on the roof, make sure they are fastened with something that won't puncture the roof so they don't fall down and damage the roof in high winds.


Types of roof clips and roof fixings for Christmas lights

When hanging Christmas lights on a roof, don't use any fasteners that can pierce the shingle or any other part of the roof, such as nails, staples, or screws. Even small holes in the shingles can cause leaks. Small holes in gutters can cause water to leak where it shouldn't and holes in the fascia can cause it to rot. This can later lead to you needing a roof repair or even replacement. Nobody wants to spend their Christmas money on a brand new roof when using fasteners that don't make holes. If you are not familiar with roofs, now is a great time to get to know all the parts of your roof and eaves before setting up your Christmas lights.


So, if you don't need to pierce shingles holes, how do you attach Christmas lights to your roof? The solution is to use specialized plastic clips that can hug the gutters and leave no lasting impression. By using these clips you can get a huge screen, with as many fasteners as you need, without worrying about leaving a bunch of holes in your roof.


On areas of the roof that don't have gutters, attach the clips to the drip edge or the clapboards, but be careful not to lift the clapboards in a way that breaks the caulk connection to the clapboard underneath. Don't poke holes in your shingles or siding. Alternatively, you can use adhesive strips to attach the clips to the vertical side of your house. Just be careful not to pierce the surface!


How can I hang up Christmas lights without making holes step by step

Find an outlet. Plan to use heavy duty extension cords on a working 120 volt outlet protected by an RCD. Ideally, you should use an outlet with a switch or connect the lights to an automatic timer. Both the outlet circuit and timer must be rated for the combined amperage of all light strands being connected. Do not use an indoor timer outdoors.

Measure the lengths. Measure the length of your house along the ground with a long tape measure. Also measure the height and height of any shrubs or trees you want to light. Then measure the lengths of the light strands you need to outline doors or windows. Figure out how many 50-foot strings of light are required for all of these measurements.

Test the lights. Before connecting them, you should visually inspect the light string, looking for broken or missing light bulbs and worn or faulty wiring. If you discover faulty wires, you should replace the wire completely as it can be a fire hazard. If any bulbs are broken or missing, you should definitely replace them.

Wear gloves and use needle nose pliers to pull out a broken bulb. Once a string of lights is complete, plug it in and check if any light bulbs have burned out. Before replacing defective light bulbs, unplug the power cord and retest to ensure all lights are working. If the belt does not work at all, check for a blown fuse, following the manufacturer's directions. Replace the fuse if it is blown; when the weather blows, replace the whole string.


Set up a ladder. If the eaves of your house are low, you may be able to use a stepladder; otherwise, you plan to use an extension ladder. Place it firmly on a flat surface and lean it well above the eaves against the eaves at an angle that is comfortable and safe to climb; not too steep and not too flat. If you need to lean the ladder against the gutter, place a short piece of 2 by 4 in the gutter to reinforce it.

Hang the lights along the eaves. Your goal is to hang lamps as easily and safely as possible without damaging the trim or walls of your home. Use plastic clips made for the job to attach lights along gutters or the roof. These clips grab shingles or gutters e n have a bottom hook that holds a light string or extension cord.

Attach the lights to the trim. To attach lights to window moldings and similar vertical surfaces, use rope clips, self-adhesive or nailable plastic light string clips; readily available online or at home improvement centers. Space them about 12 inches (30 cm) apart or as recommended. Do not use staples or nails to hang light strings as they may puncture or wear away the protective insulation creating a serious electrical hazard.

How do you hang up Christmas lights without a ladder?

The way you would hang Christmas lights without a ladder is to take a clip and insert your wire into it and then snap the clip into the peg end of the pole. Lift it up to the edge of your roof or you can insert the clip first and then pick up the wire. Then you would slide the clip under the shingles. Pull the release lever and very carefully remove it from the clip. Now there is a slight difference when it comes to hanging lamps from your gutters. Looking at the instructions that come with the pole to see how best to hang your lights is also a really good idea.


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