Live Up To 150 Years, Could It Be?

Publish Date : 2020-12-25

Live Up To 150 Years, Could It Be?

Long service life
Long service life
Long service life as well as noble
As well as muuuuliaaaa, as well as muuuuliiii aaaaaa...

That's the anthem the celebration of the birthday, which is always sung a lot of people. I never think, longevity is indeed interesting. But what if the lifespan is too long?

If we can live until the age of 120 years, even 150 years, while the people we know and love before us, for a variety of diseases or plagues. Wouldn't that be miserable?

Moreover, parents in a state of senile dementia, weak and sickly. What is the need for longevity if it were so?

Currently there are two flows in the extension of human life : one Flow Imortalitas, aka capture the human. Being the only is the Flow of Healthspanner, which extend the human health.

Flow Imortalitas trying to make humans immortal by merging man with technology. For example by changing a human into a Cyborg aka half robot. Or by downloading human consciousness then moved into a kind of avatar or into a new body. As Alita in the film The Battle Angel.

Healthspanner is the flow that makes more sense for most of us. The flow of this see the elderly as a disease that can be cured.

During this time we feel the old is a normal process of life, which can not be avoided. Is a disease that is no cure at once. This is because most people see it from the point of view of biology.

But scientists flow Healthspanner see it from the point of view of physics.

Where the aging process is seen as the accumulation of damage experienced by the body as a side effect of the use of the body continuously. Damage means changes in the structure and composition of body parts which causes the no longer functioning normally.

This damage is what causes a variety of disabilities and diseases associated with aging. As the skin becomes wrinkled, the muscles are reduced (although to the gym every day), the fragility and durability of the body decreases.

So the body is like a car tire, long wear, eventually wear out. So even if not pierced by nails to bolong, a fixed course in a certain period of time should be replaced.

To tackling the diseases of the old, the moment they see the body as a whole to the level of body the smallest cell of the body. So the prevention and treatment of body damage done to the cellular level. So that not only the lifespan to be long, but remain in a state of healthy and fit as a fiddle.

Here are a few things, some already there that we can carry out themselves, some still in the form of theory : Restriction of Calories, the Consumption of Antioxidants, Transplantation of induced Pluripotent stem cells, Tissue Engineering and Nanobots.

Limit eating (Restriction of Calories)

The point is to eat less than that usually needed by the body. Can by fasting can also reduce the dose of food. At least reduce the food ration to 1/3 of normal.

Its shortcomings can be supplemented with supplements and additional vitamins, if necessary.

In theory this can make the body more focus to the repair of body tissue rather than on the metabolism of food. Thus the damage to the body will be reduced and service life increased length.

This reminds me of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahatir Mohammad when asked what the recipe is, how could the younger? He said, that he never ate to satiation. The reason is, people old his stomach is enlarged so that it is often filled more, though this overload of cardiac work.

Can also with regular fasting intermittent fasting, where there is no intake of calories throughout the 8-24 hours per day so that the digestion can rest. The longer the better. But when breaking should also not be greedy excessive.

In experiments with rats, this could extend the age to 45%. Even it is said, can make cancer cells starve and die.

The Consumption Of Antioxidants

This may be all the people already know, that the oxygen, in addition to needed to live, it also will damage the cells. When using oxygen, the cells of the body will process the energy more quickly, but the side effects are free radicals that damage the cells of the body.

Antioxidants will prevent or slow down oxidation of the body so that it will prevent the appearance of cell damage. Although not too significant in the extension of the age of the body, but at least passable maintain the youthfulness of cells.

Antioxidants can be obtained from a variety of supplements which are sold freely, also from different vegetable and fruits.

Transplantation of induced Pluripotent stem cell

Stem cell is the cell body which is useful to regenerate the cells of our body are damaged. For example when we are wounded, stem cell skin will regenerate the new skin cells and cover our wounds. Most stem cell-specific, stem cell skin will regenerate skin. Stem cell of the small intestine will regenerate the walls of the small intestine.

But as you get older or organs of the body are heavily damaged, due to disease or other damage to the ability of stem cell specific this will be reduced or even lost.

Hence the required additional stem cell from elsewhere to regenerate the damage occurs in the organs of the body. It is called stem cell transplant. While this is usually done in patients with leukemia using a stem cell from a donor.

Stem cell a new type that is expected to extend the life of the stem cell pluripotent, which is the beginning of the formation of different types of cells different in our body. Different stem cell specific that could only regenerate the stem cell specific, stem cell pluripotent can be transplanted to any part of our body, meregenerasinya to be recovered back to normal.

In addition, stem cell pluripotent-like cell body of the baby, which will constantly regenerate, so that it can continue to work in a long time. There are even scientists who said it could regenerate forever, if there is no major damage.

The current use of pluripotent stem cell, although starting to show its success, but it's still very controversial, even prohibited in some countries, including the United States. But in the future, will obviously be part of the extension of the age of man.


This time we replace damaged tissue, for example liver transplantation, or large blood vessels from a human donor, animal or synthetic. In addition to hard to come by, the possibility of rejection of the body of the donor as it is very large, so that the recipient should forever taking certain drugs to suppress her immune system.

Now there have been the creation of a network of the new body (Tissue Engineering) with the use of the cells of the body, which is taken from the patient, and then developed in the laboratory into the desired shape. After so, and then transplanted into the body of the patient.

Because it comes from yourself, the possibility of rejection will be very small.

Some parts of the body that is successfully engineered as far as this is, the skin, blood vessels, bladder, and respiratory tract.

Like a car, will all the spare parts of our body are damaged, can di'cetak' and transplanted into the body. Extend the life of the us.

Using Nanobots

Nanobots is a kind of robot super small, a maximum of 1/50 times the thickness of the strands of our hair, which can be programmed to search for the damaged cells such as cancer cells.

Nano bots is injected into the body to find cancer cells such. After the meet, and then activated with a specific technique, for example by irradiation. Once activated, the Nanobots will gimlet cancer cells until exhausted.

When these Nanobots to work on the fish, but in a few years is expected to be developed in such a way that it could extend the age of man.

With a variety of new techniques, the possibility to extend the age of man is increasingly wide open.

And then appear various problems :

Isn't the earth so full, because people are not there who died while babies continue to be born?
Help natural resources meet the needs of as many people as it is?
What about the labor? People will be more difficult to find work if the older generation there is nothing the retirement.
Because most of the technology is still expensive, meaning only rich people can live so long age.
But that's a matter for later. For now, get ready in the possibility to live up to 150 years.

Except if You get hit by a car tomorrow.

Ali bin Abi Talib said : Work for your world as if you will live forever. Give charity for the sake of man as if you will die tomorrow


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