How you can effectively use smaller kitchen space with modular kitchen design L shape?

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Publish Date : 2020-06-25

How you can effectively use smaller kitchen space with modular kitchen design L shape?

A kitchen is a space where we all have spent our childhood and where we used to enjoy those big gatherings. Those aromatic smells of different types of spices our mother used to put while preparing food for us.

But as time passed and technology became more futuristic, homeowners bought homes with relatively smaller space, this in turn, made it quite difficult for them to adjust large utensils.

Majority of homeowners wish to have highly functional but visually appealing kitchen designs. For homes with limited space, the L-shaped kitchen layout is the perfect choice for you.

What’s more, you can cook a delectable meal whilehaving heart-to-heartconversation with your family members.

Howamodular kitchen design L shapecan be a more convenient option for you?

This is the most convenient and systematized kitchen layout that gives you two separate work areas in a limited space. So if you are dwelling onmaking over your kitchen, consider an L-shaped kitchen that matches all the requirements of Indian lifestyles.

L-Shaped kitchens, more significantly, undeniablyfall in line with the dogmas of golden triangle rule. By this, we mean to say the exact space kept between the kitchen sink, stove top, and fridge.

Broadly speaking, this design fits like a dream in this triangle and operates best within small and medium-sized spaces.

Worktops and cabinets are ingeniously incorporated to match the requirements of the user and make things easier.

Though, a fabulous kitchen isn’t all about guidelines, it’s also about ease, storage and movement space and creativeness to concoctdelectable meals.

Here are some of the key points about L shape kitchen design that will help you come to a decision:

An effective integration of work triangle in L-shaped kitchen:

As per the work triangle rule, an imaginary line is created between stove tops, sink, and fridge. The main idea is to create enough space around these three main components that are used maximum in the kitchen. 

The L-shape layout mainly comprises the same design component– afridge, two countertops bolt upright to one another, cabinets overhead and underneath, and a cooktop. What is important is how these are aligned to work effectively in relation to one another.

The fridge should be positioned on the exteriorangle of the work triangle concept so it can be opened easily.

Maximum use of space:

This layout is known to make the best use of available space, thereby accommodating utensils and other pieces of equipment to make food preparation a trouble-free experience.

Believe it or not, you find yourself struggling to find things or cooking in a chaos.

Givean artistic touch to the corner space:

Corner spaces can be effectively used to make use of available space. In L-shape modular kitchen layout corners are turned into brilliant work stations by smartly installing shelves, drawers, and crockery cabinets.

So, if you are looking out for a more flexible and multi-functional layout for your home then you must consider going with modular kitchen design L shape.

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