How to Choose the Best White Kitchen Worktop

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Publish Date : 2020-07-15

How to Choose the Best White Kitchen Worktop

The colour and finish of kitchen worktops are essential to influence the whole aesthetic appeal of the interior. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the right worktop colour to ensure it flatters the look of the entire kitchen.

Why Choose White Kitchen Worktops?

While there’s a broad spectrum of colours to choose for your kitchen worktop, white kitchen worktops are popular among homeowners and for all the right reasons. The best thing about white worktops is that they can instantly give a clean and fresh look to your kitchen.

Although some people don’t prefer white surfaces thinking these are difficult to maintain and clean, white worktops are excellent choice provided you wipe them immediately and keep them in good condition. With white worktops, you can design various creative kitchen interior themes while lending modern appearance to the given space.

White surfaces are simple but still look incredible, offering homeowners numerous style options. You can choose any kitchen interior style – from traditional to contemporary or industrial to decking up your cooking space in white.

Different White Worktop Materials For Modern Kitchen Design

Once you decide you want a white kitchen theme in your house, now the question arises how to choose the right white kitchen worktop for your home? Well, you need to do thorough research when selecting the worktop material for your kitchen.

There are various kitchen worktop options to consider for a modern kitchen design. But which one will suit your home will depend on your preference, liking and the ability to maintain a particular worktop material.

Some fantastic white kitchen worktop options are:


Marble is still a popular worktop choice among homeowners. The noteworthy aspect of marble is that no two marble worktops are the same, as each slab has a distinct pattern due to the natural geological changes. So, you will be assured that your worktop will be unique, as no other home will have the exact design as your marble worktop.

However, it is a soft and porous material that requires high maintenance to upkeep its shine and aesthetic appeal. The veining patterns on the marble worktops change from pale grey lines to dark and dramatic effect. Moreover, its white backdrop brings calming influence into your kitchen.


The granite worktop is made from an igneous rock that further undergoes extreme heat and pressure conditions to create a durable and robust material. That also makes it a heat resistant worktop that won’t damage easily even if you put a hot pan on its surface directly.

If you feel that nothing beats the aesthetics of natural stone, granite slabs with unique flacks and designs are also a great option. The white granite worktops never seem to fall out of trend and offer a distinct touch to both traditional and modern interiors. You can choose it in either honed or polished finish for a contemporary appearance.

Although it has a porous surface, the high-density granite is difficult to stain, scratch, etch or chip, unlike marble worktops.


Unlike natural worktop surfaces like granite and marble, quartz worktop surfaces are non-porousnonporous and resistant to stains and scratches. Their non-porousnonporous surface makes them hygienic, as they don’t enable bacteria, germs or mould to build-up within its surface.

Like white kitchen worktops, quartz is designed to offer you both mono-tone and multi-tone aesthetics depending on your preference. Since the surface is non-porousnonporous, you need not worry about staining your white countertops.


If you want to give an industrial look to your kitchen while making it appear a bit larger than its actual size, you must go for the white concrete setting. Concrete material is designed to withstand even the heavy-duty use and often available in a wide range of colour options. However, for a minimalist and elegant look, you need to consider white concrete.

While polished white concrete has a flat and smooth surface, it can still absorb liquid if not wiped off immediately. So, always clean its surface quickly as soon as you notice a spill. It also needs regular sealing. But it can still show marks of olive oil, coffee, red wine, etc., so you need to put more effort into its maintenance.


Laminate is another beautiful and robust worktop surface that looks amazing in white. Its non-porous surface is resistant to staining and scratches. Moreover, it is waterproof, which means you can even install it in areas that frequently come in contact with water. However, it would help if you were careful while putting hot pots or pans on its surface. Apart from that, it will need little maintenance and cleaning efforts.


White worktops are great for making a kitchen appear fresh, spacious and lively at the same time. However, you need to choose the right worktop material in white depending on your preference, lifestyle and the time you can give for maintenance.

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