Home Maintenance service provider Dubai

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Home Maintenance service provider Dubai

A Guide to Remove a Tile Floor

If you want to delete your old tiles and be enthusiastic enough to do it yourself, be prepared for work that is very sweaty and labor-intensive. This can be satisfactory to complete a task like that itself, so if you are a person who is looking for that experience, this is the right article for you.

We will share with you the right tools you need for leading home maintenance services, the process itself, including all important details, and how much it costs when practically professionals do tiles.


Tools and materials for use when removing old tiles


Like renovation work, a tool is one of the most important things in the whole process. Getting all the right equipment will produce an efficient work process that will give the results you pursue, without damage to your property. Some tools you might have in your ownership, while others you might have to borrow from friends or rent from a rental company tool.

Project difficulties mainly depend on how old they are - 20-year-old tiles will be much easier to remove than 5 years old. The reason is that adhesive may be at the end of his life and just waiting for someone to peel it. However, most of the time, you will be able to estimate difficulties only when you start working.

This is why we prepare this universal tool list that you will need, no matter how big your tile renovation and home maintenance project!

Complete list of tools needed

  • Palu Lumps
  • Cold chisel
  • Dust mask
  • Knee pads
  • Security glasses
  • Emptiness
  • Shovel


Remove the floor tiles without damaging it

Before you start working, make sure you wear the right protective equipment such as thick gloves, safety glasses, and knee pads. Sharp tiles can be very dangerous, and you don't really know what is hidden under them.

  • Prepare the area
  • Delete all furniture and clean the entire sectors of debris, dust, etc.
  • Carefully remove your wall pole. Make them in a separate room if you want to put it again.
  • Ventilation seals to prevent them from clogging by building debris. You can use plastic tape or painter tape.

Cover all surfaces and furniture that cannot be moved. Expect a lot of dust during the tile removal process, so to protect your property, just cover it with a plastic sheet before you start.


Removing tiles is glued with adhesives

This is a better choice than both of them because of natural tile adhesives, such as encouragement, much easier to break up than mortar. So, this is our advice on how to remove tiles from the floor:


  • Go to the farthest corner, at least visible from the room, and start there. Chipped and damaged tiles are the perfect place to start the removal process because they are halfway.
  • If you don't see broken tiles, make one! Starting from the corner of the tile and lift carefully with lumps and chisels. A little cracked area with a hammer.
  • Another thing you can do is break the area with a hammer. Time is quite loud so it's broken but it's not too difficult so it will damage the floor below.
  • After the first tile is lost, the other will easily follow. If you find some heading heads, unpack them with bars or use chisels and lumps again.
  • Continue until you are finished with all the floors and clean the tile.
  • Remove the NAT adhesive and tiles with special adhesive tools or erasers.
  • If you decide to go with a remover, be sure to read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the procedure.

When finished, open a few windows to remove the smoke and pat on the back because it might take a few moments


Consideration when moving

When buying a new home, you must hire a real estate agent, and this can include marketing, advertising and sales costs.

When buying a new property, you have to deal with costs that come with a mortgage loan.

When buying a new house or choose to build a new house, regardless of the early lump sum you have to spend, there are other fees such as stamp duty and removal of utilities, among other costs which can ultimately increase.

Unless there is an external reason that can greatly affect the quality of your life, such as accessibility to work, school or charming environment, moving to a new place will be more expensive as opposed to home extensions.


Work with Home Maintenance Company

Why choose for DIY home extension and risk Costly do-overs and output shoddy? This is more than a simple remodeling job, so be careful in deciding to do DIY, because you will always have the option to hire experienced professionals with years in handling building and construction work.

Builder new and trusted new homes that specialize in improving the property, renovation, and maintenance in Perth - provide special workmanship and full value construction, full value. For all your home extension needs, the classic experience promises to provide a whole increase in the quality of life for all Dubai home maintenance company clients by recovering the charm of the old and dilapidated house

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