Benefits of LED Tube Lights

Author : MelissaC
Publish Date : 2020-06-05

Benefits of LED Tube Lights

When it comes to lighting places, LED tube lights fit the best for any large place, like warehouses, mansions, gymnasiums, apartments, schools, hospitals or any other high-ceiling building.

But when it comes to T8 LED lights, certain things are needed to take care of. T8 lights are commonly used in offices and are replaceable for regular fluorescent tubes. They work best with average sized rooms, where the room temperature is normally controlled. That includes storage areas, fabrication floors and mechanic garages. LED tubes are better energy savers than regular fluorescent lights and don’t demand high maintenance. It produces very less heat keeping the environment cool and peaceful. It has up to 100,000 lifetime hours.

Also, when switching from regular fluorescent to LED lights, keep a check on the number of Lumens produced by the LED tube light instead of focusing upon wattage only. For places like offices, retail spaces, hospitalities, or others with similar size of the room, 4 ft tubes with 1800 Lumens are perfect. You don’t want the customers or workers to feel heat inside the room. Whereas, departments with higher ceilings or bigger space can have LED tube lights with over 2000 Lumens which would produce the brightest output.

LEDs are safe and environmentally friendly as compared to fluorescent lights, as it contains no mercury as fluorescents do. The newest T8 LED lights are 30% more efficient than regular T8 LFLs.

Most LEDs consist of the capabilities to dimming which isn’t expensive. It’s cheaper and doesn’t cost you a pretty penny. Due to its directional-lighting system, no light is lost in the surroundings. One is able to view better with these lights on. LEDs work better with control systems since it doesn’t affect their lifespan while turning on or off.

Quality light is produced by these LEDs without giving a flicker or buzz at all. The average life of a T8 LED is 50,000 hours. Most T8 LED tubes are made with a shatterproof coating already, and it doesn’t cost you any extra amount.

Currently, there are three basic types of LED T8s in the market suitable for Retrofits to become Retrofit tube lights, and one of the types (mentioned in the end) is a combination of two types.

Chiefly, they are classified according to the way they interact with existing fluorescent ballasts. Ballasts are required by all fluorescent tubes to be operated, but not all LEDs need it. LEDs need a driver that comes in a variety of sizes, whereas fluorescent needs a high voltage burst followed by something to regulate the power that comes to the tube.

There are two different ways to fit LED T8s into existing linear fluorescent fixtures, to avoid unnecessary ballasts. This would require bypassing the existing ballast, removing it, and working with it. With each solution, one must go through the pros and cons first to choose what suits them best for their application.

The first way is where an LED tube has an internal driver that operates on an already existing fluorescent ballast. This is known as a direct fit. Just make sure the ballast is compatible with the T8 LED tube.

Another way is when the ballasts are removed from the fixture or bypassed, while the sockets are wired directly attached to the line voltage. But it’s a bit risky since both wired directly to the line voltage makes it possible for electrical shock or hazard.

Yet another way suggests having an external driver (remote) to power the LED. Here the low-voltage driver is attached to the sockets and not line voltage making it safer. This is more efficient than any other T8 LED tube. It’s dimmable and works well with control systems.

Eventually, there’s another installation process which is a combination of two types. You can install them with current compatible ballast, but if ballast burns out it can be bypassed and wired to direct line voltage.

It doesn’t matter what type of T8 LED tube you choose, some important factors should be taken care of. Warranty, voltage, Existing fixture condition and Location.

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