5 Proven Methods to Test Silver and Gold At Home

Author : manishkumar
Publish Date : 2020-05-29

5 Proven Methods to Test Silver and Gold At Home

No doubt that gold and silver are the two most precious metals found on earth. Both of these have a number of usages widely in jewellery-making. These two help in making fine cuts and impressive designed ornaments for both men and women.

Being the most precious, there is always a high probability of tampering its purity. But how do you come to know about that sitting at your home. Read 5 methods to check the purity of silver and gold at home from here.

  1. Measure weight and size

    Both of these precious metals are incredibly denser in contrary to any other normal metals. Even the weight of receive gold bullion by post can be higher than that of the mercury and lead (heaviest metal in raw form). Therefore, it is clear that thickness and diameter play a vital role in determining the accurate weight.

    Hence, by comparing the thickness and diameter the originality can be verified and put into question anytime, if there is any! Very affordable jeweller’s scale or the calliper set is the reliable tool to check too! Every round or coin is developed in terms of combination of weight, thickness and diameter so verification process gets much easier!

    Fisch Testers is also very useful as it perfectly fits the original small diameter and thinned coins and bars. It will be heavy to the tool for uplifting on the fulcrum too.
  2. “Ping” or sound testing

    Authentic silver and gold coins immediately chime as soon as it strikes with any other objects. Moreover, the sound is so notable and differentiable from other base metals as well.

    Normal metal bars, coins and rounds will only make dull sound and that too for a shorter time period. On the other hand, received silver and gold bullion by post will make a long clinking sound like flutes of a glass of champagne.  

    iPhone and Android come with CoinTrust and Bullion Test app respectively for examining the originality of the  bars, coins and round. All you have to do is to spin the sample close to the phone’s microphone so that it can catch the sound perfectly.

    Another way to test is to strike the testing coin with fingernails to get it collided with another coin while holding the phone’s microphone closely. Both of these offer accurate and instant result.
  3. Magnetic test of gold and silver

    Another simpler technique to identify pure gold and silver is by using the magnetism power. You must know both of these metals are non-magnetic thereby its must repel while it will be brought in contact to any of these metals.

    But, somehow, if it attracts then the bar, coin or round of gold and silver is counterfeited. As sometimes certain non-magnetic base metals are also used for counterfeiting it is not considered as accurate technique to test. For such instances, you are supposed to use other technique as well.  

    There is always a debate whether silver possesses magnetic properties or not! No doubt it has wide range of high-tech and industrial application due to its remarkable properties such as highly conductive, reflective, ductile and dense and lustre.

    But it has no magnetic properties at all. But its magnetic attraction is the clear indication that it contains foreign metals like cobalt, iron and nickel because these cheap ones will get attracted to metals.

    Generally, fake metals are not widely available. But if forgers get high incentive they tamper with originality of gold and silver. Occasionally, such can be found on eBay and flea markets of China.  Otherwise, there is nothing to be worry about its purity.  
  4. Thermal conductivity test for silver

    Silver is regarded as the best natural conductor for thermal energy. Hence silver bullion can be easily and safely tested at home with the use of ice cube. Take and place the ice cube on the top of received bars, coins and round of silver bullion by post. As soon as the heat starts transferring to the ice, it starts melting.

    This is the clear indication that the bar, coin or round is made up of pure silver. Even, the purity can be checked by placing any bar, coin or round in your palm as it will make your palm feel cool instantly. 
  5. Gold and silver acid test

    Affordable acid test kits can be bought to test silver and gold. By putting a drop of acid on the sample the originality can be tested with the help of the changes on its colour. However, one should handle it carefully otherwise; it can lead to permanent discoloration of the metal.

    As bullion bars, coins and rounds are only valued on the basis of their metal content instead of showcasing beauty, discolouration can’t affect its value even slightly. Still, it is advisable for performing acid test sparingly and with utmost caution.    

Use the above-mentioned tests to know whether the gold and silver is 100% pure or not at your home. Now, checking of the originality of the most precious metals becomes easier while sitting at your home only.

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