Using a mask, whats the point?

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Publish Date : 2020-12-28

Using a mask, whats the point?

In the health protocol during the Covid pandemic, the use of masks when traveling is emphasized. It feels like something is missing if you travel without a mask. It looks complicated and suffocating. But what are the benefits of using masks for us?

Look at the illustration above. Can you see the dots that spread out there? These points are droplets, which are a means of transmission of the corona virus. After leaving our bodies through sneezing, droplets that could contain the virus land on other people's bodies and on objects around us such as doorknobs, tables and so on, which we might hold and we are exposed to the virus.

There is also further research that says that covid can also be transmitted through aerosols. But what are aerosols? Aerosol technically refers to solid particles in the air (also called ash or particulate matter) or liquid droplets. It can be seen below how aerosols come out, it could be that the air we exhale while talking can transmit the virus.

1. Masks serve to protect others.

We don't know whether we have the virus or not. As explained earlier, droplets and aerosols are like rockets that fly with a virus in them which can spread quickly to those around us.

By wearing a mask we can hold the droplets and aerosols from sliding too far. You can see in the illustration above how the difference in the rate of substances that come out of our mouths when wearing masks and when not wearing them.

2. Mask Serves to protect yourself.
Masks can also ward off the particles we breathe, although not all of them are prevented, at least they can reduce the virus that enters our bodies. Because COVID-19 and even all viral diseases are not only a matter of being infected or not, but they have symptoms which are mild, moderate, deadly and there are also no symptoms at all.

This depends on the level of exposure to the virus itself, if only a few viruses enter, it is likely that the symptoms that appear are mild and vice versa. In addition, masks can also prevent us from holding our mouth and nose

The conclusion is that using a mask can protect yourself and others. From the explanation just now it can be imagined that if everyone wears a mask, the virus that comes out can be suppressed and does not spread far and the virus that may enter the body is reduced in dose. This can reduce the fatal symptoms caused by the covid-19 virus.

Main Pathway of Transmission of Covid-19

For almost a year since the Covid-19 pandemic was suspected, Indonesians have been trying to maintain health in such a way. From those who are reasonable to those who are paranoid, the point is everyone is careful and always adheres to health protocols. Even if in the end, one of your family members is exposed to Covid-19, a thousand questions will arise. We are already careful why our family members are exposed to Covid-19? From which path does this virus enter?

The Covid-19 prevention Task Force in Hiroshima Japan has conducted research, through which route Covid-19 infects its victims. The results of this research state that eating together ranks the highest 34%. Then transmission through family members or people in one house reached 23%.
Eating together especially at Christmas, year-end and welcoming the New Year is mostly done by large families, small families and among close friends. Of course, when you eat food, you don't keep your distance and don't wear a mask. And while eating normally, participants eat together talking to one another. It is logical if the possibility of transmission occurs through this medium.

A professor in Massachusetts once wrote on his blog that talking can release 200 viral particles every minute, or ten times that of a person breathing normally. Talking for four minutes without a mask is sufficient for a person to become infected with the virus.

In conclusion, although there are many events at the end of the year, as a preventive measure within the family or between friends, it is best to cancel the appointment to eat together both inside and outside the home.

The season for celebrations, mourning the dead, treating friends for birthdays, meetings at hotels and out of town offices or trips out of town provide a great opportunity to eat together that must be watched out for.

Not to mention adding welfie photos after eating together, being close to each other, opening or removing masks while laughing and having a free style to produce instagramable or stylish photos for the Tik Tok application. Increases the probability of transmission.

Transmission through internal family or people in the same house, usually the virus comes from one family member who meets another person. It can be at work, at the client's office or attending a meal together and then entering your house, so at that time a family cluster was formed.
Especially if one of your family members is a health worker (health worker) or a volunteer for health workers. Carelessness when treating a patient, can cause him to be exposed and then infect other family members.

For that, stay alert even if you are in your own house. Because you don't know for one day family members meet OTG, meet coworkers, meet close friends or go out to eat together, including household assistants who go shopping to the market.

Continue to increase vigilance and continue to adhere to health protocols, especially when hearing that virus mutations are getting more violent. Greetings healthy.

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