UP AND DOWN: 4 Benefits of Jumping Jacks to Your Health

Publish Date : 2020-07-10

UP AND DOWN: 4 Benefits of Jumping Jacks to Your Health

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Exercising is a very important part of human lives in order to stay healthy and fit. It is a great way to become enthusiastic, energetic and youthful whatever age you are in! 

Many are hesitant to commit to regular exercising needed by the body because they believe it is too time-consuming and physically demanding. Well, that’s the whole point of commitment to physical fitness, yet many people are not on for that. 

While you might be considering that exercise is only that which you do with a special exercise equipment and gym gears, there are actually very simple and quick exercises to do anytime anywhere. One of them is jumping jacks! Enjoyable and easy, jumping jacks will give you no hassle at all as you get fit and sweat off toxins out of your body. 

Even if it is not complex and probably not too intense as a workout routine, there are tons of health benefits to gain from doing jumping jacks. Check them out from the list below!


1. Helps warm-up your body

Just like every exercise, doing jumping jacks would stretch your body up. It increases your body temperature, meaning your body is ready to do considerably strenuous activities. It also trains a lot of muscle groups in unison because it requires the movement of your legs, abdomen and arms. Doing such things would inevitably prompt your body to increase in temperature, thus, making your whole body prepare for the actions that will ensue shortly.


2. Develops flexibility

With the constant movements, the contraction and retraction of muscles, jumping jacks would help improve your body’s flexibility. Becoming flexible allows your body to move into a wider variety of motion. It allows you to surpass the pain that one would naturally feel if he/she skips exercises that help increase flexibility. 

Due to the jumping jacks’ exercises,the parts of your body are aided to improve your flexibility, really beneficial for the good of your physical health, especially if you were to add it to your daily routine. Body flexibility is essential, so you can avoid cramps and muscle pains and be more resistant and adaptable to effects of intense workouts.


3. Makes your body ready for strenuous activities

If your body is constantly being moved and stretched, as well as your different muscle fibers, it would obviously render your body ready for all sorts of movements. Again, that’s why it’s helpful in warm-ups. 

Doing jumping jacks can decrease chances of getting a sprain or a strain on your body and muscle spasms while you exercise, that would otherwise make your body unable to move properly. Performing jumping jacks can help ease the probable stress of active movements.


4. Increases heart and lung capacity

Continuous, intense body movements require a lot of oxygen intake so doing the exercise can help in improving the lung's performance. It is considered a great way to improve your cardiovascular system. Doing jumping jacks can also help boost the performance of your blood circulation. Overall, putting jumping jacks in your daily routine will improve your body's heart and lungs, muscles, homeostasis and flexibility.




In warm-ups, cool downs and actual exercises, jumping jacks are perfect to make you feel and look healthy!



Nicole Ann Pore knows the importance of being fit, healthy and disciplined, and she shares her interest and knowledge about it through research and writing. From various exercise equipment and routines to the correlation of fitness to life, Nicole creates content that informs and even entertains. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 


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