Top Cosmetic Procedures in Dubai

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Publish Date : 2020-08-07

Top Cosmetic Procedures in Dubai

It’s not a secret anymore, Dubai has the highest number of plastic surgeons per capita in the world. There are almost 50 specialists for every 1 million people in the UAE. As a result, cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction and fillers have become quite common in the emirate.

Over the past few years, cosmetic surgery has seen a surge in the UAE as inquiries for cosmetic procedures increased to 106%. Because of the state-of-the-art hospitals and top-of-the-line plastic surgeons, the medical tourism in UAE is booming and it is becoming the top destination for elective medical procedures.

Some of the popular Aesthetic procedures in UAE include:


Liposuction, or lipo, is a popular cosmetic procedure that people regularly get in the city of gold. Through this procedure, you can painlessly remove all excess fat from your lower abdomen, thighs, flanks and other parts of the body. People generally use this technique to get rid of the unwanted and stubborn fat that they can’t lose through diet and exercise. With liposuction, you can achieve a more streamlined and athletic body. Moreover, reducing extra fats will also improve your overall health and wellbeing.

During this procedure, the extra fat of your body is emulsified and then sucked out of your body using vacuum tubes.


Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is one of the widely performed plastic surgeries in the world. Only in the US, more than 220,000 people undergo rhinoplasty every year. The main purpose of this surgery is to alter the shape of your nose.

Most people don’t like the shape of their nose or they think that their nose doesn’t match their other facial features. This is where rhinoplasty comes into the picture. It is a way for such people to get the nose shape they desire. Other than cosmetic reasons, these surgeries are also performed to rectify breathing problems that may arise due to a broken or crooked nose.

Facial Fillers:

Facial fillers are an effective way to hide the signs of aging. With these injectables, dermatologists can restore your youthful skin. Fillers are basically gel-like substances that doctors inject into the skin to restore its lost volume, elasticity and firmness. As a result, the fine lines, wrinkles vanish and the facial contour is enhanced. Annually, more than 1 million people get these injectables across the globe to rejuvenate their facial skin.  

Breast Surgeries:

Breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries are normal cosmetic procedures for the breast that people normally get. Some women opt for this surgery to enhance their visual appearance and feel more confident about their body shape. Likewise, some males who suffer from gynecomastia undergo breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of their breasts.

Eyelid Surgery:

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a cosmetic technique using which dermatologists can repair your droopy eyelids as well as excess skin, muscle and fat. With age, the skin around your eyes loses its tightness and becomes loose. Similarly, the eye muscles that stretch and support the movement of your eyelids become weak. Because of these reasons, excess fat gathers above and below your eyelids making them appear saggy and droopy. These reasons can also lead to the formation of bags under your eyes.


CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is a relatively newer technique using which aesthetic experts can remove excess fat from your body. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure having little or no downtime. Using this technique, doctors break extra fat layers underneath the skin by freezing and then breaking the fat cells. Studies have shown that after this treatment, fat layers can reduce as much as 25%. The fat removed through coolsculpting doesn’t return as the fat cells are permanently removed from the body. this fat removal technique is ideal for areas such as:

·       Thighs.

·       Belly.

·       Flanks.

·       Lower back.

·       Lower abdomen.

The treatment usually takes a few hours for a session and you can return to work straightaway.

VelaShape III:

Another cosmetic procedure that is gaining momentum in the UAE these days is the VelaShape III. It is a new non-invasive technique for body contouring that can reduce cellulite from your body especially thighs. This technique uses a combination of technologies like vacuum, infrared and bi-polar radiofrequency waves to contour your body. Patients can notice firmer, tighter skin and a reduction in cellulite after just 3-6 sessions.

These are some of the popular procedures that are offered in top plastic surgery Dubai clinics. Before opting for any of these procedures, make sure you know every detail about them.

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