Tooth Bleaching: A Technique to get Whiter & Brighter Smile

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Publish Date : 2020-06-23

Tooth Bleaching: A Technique to get Whiter & Brighter Smile

Tooth Bleaching: A Technique to get Whiter & Brighter Smile

Who doesn’t want a whiter and brighter smile? Sparkling white teeth can improve your appearance significantly and this is the main reason why teeth whitening is becoming one of the most common cosmetic dentistry techniques.

If you are one of those who are looking for ways to get their teeth whitened, then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Dubai or anywhere else. Using these simple tips and by regularly visiting your dental clinic in Dubai, you can get sparkling white teeth in no time. The most effective and a quick way to get rid of discoloured teeth is bleaching.

What is Tooth Bleaching?

Tooth Bleaching technique is a part of cosmetic dentistry using which you can easily get teeth of the same colour. It is one of the least abrasive methods using which you can remove stains from your teeth.

Dentists generally use hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. It breaks down into free radicals which then attack the organic molecules of the teeth. These free radicals break the carbon double bonds into single bonds which results in a lighter colour of teeth.

Tooth Bleaching Techniques:

There are two types of bleaching techniques i.e. in-office or at-home that people generally use. For in-office bleaching, you need to visit your dentist and get it performed there. Whereas using at-home bleaching, you can get sparkling teeth right there by sitting in the vicinity of your home.

In-Office Tooth Bleaching:

If you want to whiten your teeth instantly, then you can use in-office whitening techniques. It is the fastest way to get rid of stains from your teeth. During in-office teeth whitening, the bleaching solution that your dentist uses is much stronger than the one you use in at-home bleaching.

Also, your dentist has the proper equipment so the results are quite drastic. Techniques like the Zoom system can give you three to eight shades better results after just a single 2-hour session.

However, like any other dental procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, the in-office tooth whitening techniques is also quite expensive. A single session of zoom can cost you from $500 to $1000 depending on the procedure requirements.     

At-home Whitening Techniques:

If you don’t want to spend too much but still need to get those dazzling teeth then you can use at-home bleaching techniques. There are many options and products available for at-home teeth whitening that you can easily use. Some of the most common ones are:

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes:

The items most commonly used for getting whiter and brighter teeth are the teeth whitening toothpaste. Generally, all toothpaste contains fluoride for improving the shade of your teeth but teeth whitening toothpaste have additional chemicals.

They also contain special abrasives in them which acts as polishing agents and removes stains from your teeth making them bright.

However, as the teeth whitening toothpaste don’t contain bleaching agents; therefore, they can make your teeth only one shade brighter.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Strips & Gels:

In this technique, you use over the counter or professional whitening products to make your teeth appear pearlier. These products produce more noticeable results as they contain hydrogen peroxide so the difference is more visible.

You can directly apply the whitening gels to the surface of your teeth with a brush twice-a-day for 14 days. Voila! You can see a significant change in the shade of your teeth.

Similarly, you can apply whitening strips to your teeth two times-a-day for 14 days and get your desired outcome. The teeth whitening that you achieve using these methods can last for about 4 months.    

Whitening Rinses:

Whitening rinses are special mouthwashes that contain hydrogen peroxide along with the other ingredients. These rinses are pretty effective as they not only freshen your breath and fight bacteria but it’ll also brighten your teeth. You should swish it in your mouth for over a minute twice a day before you brush your teeth. The rinses are comparatively slow in producing results and they can take up to 12 weeks to whiten your teeth.

Tray Based Whiteners:

Tray-based whiteners are the most effective ones. You can get them from any pharmacy or get customized ones from your dentist. Tray-based whiteners work by filling your mouth with the guard-like appliance and a whitening solution containing peroxide solution. You need to wear that tray for a period of time every day to get your required shades.



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