The Benefit of Feedback Surveys in Positive Patient Engagement

Author : Yogesh Kumar
Publish Date : 2020-05-13

The Benefit of Feedback Surveys in Positive Patient Engagement

The tides of healthcare industry are changing towards being open patient centric and open to suggestions. Doctors and healthcare establishments have gradually begun to realise how the involvement of patient in decision making helps garner better health outcomes.

Furthermore, feedback surveys by healthcare establishments have become one of the most effective means to indulge in positive patient engagement. It helps healthcare facility to be truly patient-centric.

Patient feedback helps health care providers improve the quality of their service, strengthen patient engagement, and consequently increase the revenue. Hence, more and more healthcare providers are conducting patient satisfaction surveys.

With cut-throat competition in the health care industry, providing patients with the best possible care is very important and feedback surveys play a very vital role in this scenario. Feedback surveys help healthcare providers to know if their patients are satisfied or if they need to upgrade their services.

At Nth Sense we help medical establishments to conduct patient satisfaction surveys to learn what is important for the patient.

There are many aspects that a health care establishment should look for from the moment the patient enters the premises. Right from the front desk personnel, to the nurses, the ward boys, the doctors, the billing personnel all play a crucial role in patient engagement.

Some of the points the affect a patient experience include:

  1. Whether the hospital staff is friendly and helpful
  2. Whether patients have to wait for long periods of time without any explanation,
  3. Whether there are facilities in the hospital to keep the patient or children engaged during the wait; and many more.

These seemingly nominal factors drastically affect a patient’s opinion regarding a doctor or healthcare establishment.

In such scenarios, feedback surveys help establishment to pin point the problem that patients generally face during their visit and then work on improving the same.  While earlier it used to be only manual feedback forms, with technological advancement feedback surveys have also become tech-driven.

There are many online surveys that are user-friendly and help in gathering information improving customer care services which has become very important in the medical field as well. Patient satisfaction surveys help healthcare providers to learn if they are meeting the expectations of their patients or if they are lacking in some way.

Nth Sense also offers doctors with customized portal to collect surveys and engage their patients. Checkout our patient engagement solutions for doctors to know more.

Another benefit of feedback surveys is to sense and improve the patient’s satisfaction with the provided treatment.

Patient satisfaction surveys make patients feel that their opinion is important and that their feedback will help the health care organisation to provide quality services.

Online patient satisfaction survey immediately after a visit by the patient can provide doctors with valuable feedback. Online surveys maintain anonymity which ensures honest opinion by patients. Our observation is that many patients are not comfortable to complain against any staff of the hospital in person but can do so online.

The medical facility should have feedback from patients on:

  1. The process of making an appointment
  2. Checking in for an appointment
  3. Waiting time and comfort of the waiting room
  4. The billing process
  5. Other support and follow-up reminders

Online positive feedback surveys have a wider reach and hence the reputation of a health care facility can help attract new patients far and wide. We, at Nth Sense believe that such feedback can give rise to open communication and enhance continuous improvement in services.

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