Ten Reasons Makes Safehouse Best Rehabilitation Centre In World

Publish Date : 2020-07-31

Ten Reasons Makes Safehouse Best Rehabilitation Centre In World

Have you ever been across a great reform story of a struggling addict? Did you ever try learning the great story behind such massive changes?

Well, thanks to the existence of several rehabs across the globe, several struggling's lives have found a new way of living. 

As India's first international standard therapeutic living centre, Safe House Wellness Retreat Center promises each of its clients a safe, comfortable, and secure treatment experience. Safehouse Rehabilitation is one such great addition in the field of rehab, ensuring overall recovery of its patients. The rehabilitation centre caters to the need of residential inpatients, partially hospitalized, addicts, trauma victims etc. The affordable services provided here makes it a great addition in securing a better tomorrow to all the attendees. 

Here are 10 of its additional qualities mentioned for helping you in giving a closer insight of Safehouse Rehabilitation Centre:


All the trained doctors, therapists and counsellor here are assigned a fixed no of patients to attend. Therefore each patient gets a fixed amount of time and attention to overcome the trauma or the concurring habit. This one on one approach helps in bringing out the destructive nature or in-depth vulnerability of the patient on the surface, helping in better recovery.


The faculty here includes world-class degree holders in the field of psychotherapy and other clinical professions. The presence of such genius brains of behavioural health makes Safehouse rehab one of the best among rehabilitation centres in Delhi.


The rehab also provides vocational support to engage their patients in different activities. The practice building helps the survivor getting in touch with life outside and prevents fatal relapses.


The rehabilitation centre ever since it was opened has shown positive results in changing the course of its patients' lives. 


Including family and patients' closed ones is an effective way of changing patients' outlook towards life. The rehab utilizes the maximum support of the willing family members in its co-curricular and vocation programs.


Extracurricular activities such as brain teasers, physical sports or simply exercises are neurogenic and treat an ailing mental condition. Therefore, one of the most effective policies of the rehabilitation centre is to fix a daily workout or regimen. There are seasonal indoor and outdoor game sessions as well for the maximum benefit of the patients.


Like a standard rehabilitation centre in Delhi, safehouse rehabilitation centre follows a nutritious diet plan. Each meal is pre-planned and assigned in a way that the patients remain healthy and fit enough to undergo further treatment.


There are an array of therapy options such as cognitive behavioural therapy, motivation therapies and interviews, dialectical therapy etc. available to accelerate the reformation of the patient.


The rehabilitation centre optimized both Eastern and Western therapy options to help their attendees. You get eastern medicines and therapies for detoxification while there is a set of meditation and yoga therapy too for boosting the scale of progress.


Safehouse has quite a well-established client base because of the services offered here. All the testimony, client review and queries visibly point towards the positive yield of the treatment here.


The addiction recovery centre has played a significant role in deciding the course of its patient's life. They detoxed all their attendees from all sorts of obsessive behaviour, drug abuse, or any pre-existing conditions needing intensive outpatient programs. If you too want to make a fresh start or know someone willing to do so, you know where to go.

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