Step By Step Guide to The Best Mattress for Heavy People

Author : nikkicross
Publish Date : 2020-04-23

Step By Step Guide to The Best Mattress for Heavy People

When you go shopping for mattresses if you feel you are on the heavier side concerning weight, here are a few parameters for the best buy―

1. Check Out on Mattress Thickness

People weighing 200 pounds (and under) - you may go for the 10” mattress. If you are heavier, consider a mattress that is at least 12” or thicker. What you need to look out for is some deep compression support. To be truthful, obesity of the user puts high pressure on the mattress. Thinner mattresses are incapable of surviving under that pressure for long.

There are a few 10″ mattresses in the market which have advanced foams, an extra-thick comfort layer, or other design details which rival the deep compression support of thicker mattresses. Thus, in spite of being thin, these also work well as mattresses for the obese. But to be on the safe side, we advise you to go for a thicker mattress. The golden rule is, the heavier you are, the thicker mattress you need. As the saying goes, ‘Better safe than sorry.’

2.  Avoid Foams; Go for Spring or Hybrid Mattresses

Plus-sized person’s body gives off more heat at night as compared to people of normal weight. When your mattress is poor at ventilation, you might feel very hot on the bed at night, and thus cannot sleep in comfort.

Foam mattresses absorb heat and keep it. So foam mattresses get heated soon and remain heated for long. That is why we recommend you avoid this kind. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses absorb less heat, so these types are comparatively cooler (literally).

Now, how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers? Your best choices are

Memory Foam

All-foam mattresses have one advantage; they relieve pressure points through even, consistent support at par to the shape of your body. So, if you prefer foam, check out brands that give detailed information on heat absorption; and decide accordingly. You need to hunt for memory foam mattresses having open cell structure, gel or similar cooling layers, and also a sheath that utilizes a cooling material, e.g. textile.


These are popular because they exhibit:

  • less heat absorption than foam
  • better bounce than foam
  • the contour of embrace is less pronounced than that of foam


Look out for ‘coil-on-coil construction.’ This type utilizes two layers of springs for improving in the feel, deep compression, support, and construction quality of the mattress. Also, an innerspring mattress gives superior edge support in comparison to a foam mattress; so good for people who prefer to sleep on the edge.



  • better cooling because of  better ventilation from the coils
  • better edge support
  • deeper compression support
  • more bounce


Hybrids make use of various layers of memory, latex, etc. to diminish some of the cons of foam and coil mattresses, and bring in forefront their pros.

Bariatric Bed Mattresses

These mattresses and hospital bed mattress were designed keeping in thoughts the comfort of overweight people.  The mattresses have a different layering of foam, static float, air cushions with alternating pressure, and the amenity of auto-firm ―shifting pressure and weight to alleviate the possibilities of pressure ulcers and bedsores.

Now that you know do make a wise choice.

Sleep tight!

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