Microdosing Mushrooms: Everything you need to know

Author : Megumi Chakma
Publish Date : 2020-09-27

Microdosing Mushrooms: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about Microdosing Mushrooms

Psilocybin or "Magic Mushroom" is a drug that people use when microdose.

Microdosing Mushrooms is taking small amounts of psychedelic over several days to experience beneficial side effects.

It is used to relieve anxiety and depression and increase the level of perception and creativity.

Most people who try low doses take a day off and then two days off so that they do not build tolerance and experience the remaining effects the next day.

There is a lack of scientific research to support the practice of Microdosing Mushrooms.

When Steve Jobs cited the benefits of microdosing, the phenomenon seemed explosive, and many wondered what it was and why.

Basically, with microdosing, take very small doses of psychedelic drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and silocibin mushrooms and experience reported benefits such as increased perception and creativity, and reduced anxiety and depression. Includes doing.

Currently, there is only one self-reported study investigating the science behind microdosing. However, Amanda Feilding, founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, a nonprofit organization in the United Kingdom, wants to change all of this in a study that documents the effects of microdosing. About a person's creative and cognitive skills. Regarding her upcoming research, she previously told Business Insider: "Whether these changes can be seen in the circulation and connectivity of the brain, preferably" Ahaha! "A moment with creativity."

This is what we currently know about Microdosing Mushrooms.

Microdosing is not intended to "high" you

According to a study by Dr. James Faddyman, doses of substances such as psilocibine and LSD should be only about one-twentieth to one-tenth of normal doses for "tripping." This is a 5-10 microgram LSD or a 0.1-0.4 gram silosibine mushroom. Due to individual tolerances, the exact amount will vary from person to person, but the ideal is to be more perceptual rather than hallucinatory.

The general consensus of those who have attempted microdosing is not to do it daily. Psychologist, psychedelic experimenter, and author of "Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: A Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journey." James Faddyman has a three-day cycle. It is to be taken on the first day and not until the fourth day in order to not build tolerance and experience residual effects on the second day. The emphasis is also on keeping a diary and noticing how your body treats it.

However, research on this topic is very limited, and it is important to remember that buying magic mushrooms and LSD in the United States is still illegal.

Not everyone is talking about the same drug when they are talking about microdosing

Psilocybin, commonly known as Magic Mushroom or Magic Mushroom, and LSD are currently the most popular forms, but Thirdwave also lists cannabis, ayahuasca, mescaline, and DMT as potential microdoses.

Those who have tried microdosing say it enhances their creativity, others say it improves their mood

Apple Inc. Co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was open about his LSD experience. "Using LSD was one of the most important things in my life, a deep experience. LSD shows that coins have another side. Remember when they wear out. I don't know. My sense of what's important-make great things instead of making money and bring things back to historical flow and human consciousness as much as possible.

According to Jobs, the use of LSD contributes to his simple Zen-inspired design aesthetic of Apple products and packaging.

His friend and early Apple employee Daniel Kottke seems to have abandoned this practice when Jobs launched Apple, but the habit of late-maker LSD continues in the creative spirit of Silicon Valley. I made it clear. For those who are overcrowded in a technical or start-up environment, microdosing is seen as a way to move forward by staying productive through the spark of exhaustion and creativity.

Others, such as Silicon Valley, California, say that microdosing improves productivity.

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