How To Improve Digestion By Practicing Yoga Asanas

Publish Date : 2021-12-20

How To Improve Digestion By Practicing Yoga Asanas

The workout and gym-going culture is a product of the 21st century, but Yoga has been in existence from the time of saints and gurus. People believe that the outcome of Yoga is not an immediate one, unlike gym and hardcore workout. However, this is a classic misconception that needs to be cleared.

While Yoga does not involve heavy exercise and body movement, it does involve uninterrupted attention to how different parts of your body move while practicing the different asanas. Yoga has a lot of benefits tied to it. Not only does it restore peace and serenity in our mind and body, but it also re-activates our soul.

Given the fast-food lifestyle we have all adopted in our daily lives, everyone has encountered some other digestion problems. Working out or going to the gym won’t solve your digestion problems, but Yoga, through the movement of your body and its effect on your organs, definitely provides a quick remedy to your problems.

Yoga asanas are of different forms, and each form focuses on improving different aspects of our health and life in general. Some asanas help in dealing with anger management issues by focusing on the mind, while others help strengthen our leg muscles.

This article will provide you with details of those asanas that help you improve your digestion. These asanas are pretty simple and can be done at any point in time. However, the essential prerequisite in performing such asanas is that you have to dedicate a minimum of thirty minutes each day.

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Asanas Which Help In Digestion


This asana is also known as the “child pose,” and not only does it helps in digestion but also relaxes the mind and releases stress from your body. For doing this asana, you have to sit back on your heels, bend forward and stretch your arms out. You have to make your chest touch your thigh. You are required to hold this position for at least three minutes.



For this asana, you have to sit on your hips, stretch your legs out, and put your hands on the side. Ensure that your spine is straight. Inhale, bend and make your hand touch your toes while your face should be touching your thigh.

You are required to hold this position for a minimum of one minute, and then you can go back to your original position. This asana helps in reducing constipation and fat in your abdomen.



This asana is also known as the “wind releasing” asana and helps in improving your digestion. For this asana, you are required to lie flat on the ground on your back and raise your legs straight. Then bend your knees and bring them near your chest, under your chin. Once you have done that, you’re required to wrap your arms around it and simultaneously make your nose touch the tip of your knee.

You are required to hold this position for about 30-45 seconds and then return to your original position. This asana strengthens the abdomen muscles and helps you get rid of any other stomach and gas-related ailments.


How Does Yoga Help In Improving Digestion

While we have given you a gist on which asanas to perform to help in your digestion, it is also essential for you to be aware of the science behind why you should be performing such asanas.

The basic science behind practicing Yoga to improve digestion is that the asanas performed by you massage your abdominal muscles, as mentioned in the above asanas. It also stretches your body, providing the gateway to the food to efficiently move along the digestive tract.

Moreover, if you have irregular bowel movements due to indigestion, then performing the above asanas will ensure proper blood circulation to your digestive organs, thereby helping in proper digestion.

Performing such asanas also has a positive effect on your mind. Time and again, it has been proved by research and advocated by scholars that practicing Yoga keeps your mind happy and satisfied, as a result of which you are more likely to eat a more balanced diet that improves your digestion. It follows the commonly used phrase, “a healthy stomach follows a healthy mind.”

Performing asanas also stimulates digestive fire, which in turn increased your appetite. When you are performing Yoga, no matter how relaxing it may be, it also involves releasing energy, which makes you feel hungry. As a result of which it improves your appetite and helps in balancing your metabolism.

Last but not least, as mentioned above, in today’s time, our lifestyle has become unhealthy and has made us more susceptible to digestion-related problems. But performing YogaYoga has a very positive effect on the body as it detoxifies it and gets rid of all its unhealthy constituents.



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Yogic diet planning has improved the diseases of many people but also help them cure many diseases. So it must have good knowledge about yogic diet and how it will help in improving digestion.

You can follow the above asana to improve your digestion and if you want to learn in-depth about these asanas then you can check out the yoga schools that teach about this. Nowadays all the schools are teaching this technique online because of the pandemic. So make use of this benefit to learn in-depth regarding the yogic asanas that will help you in improving digestion and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Pandemic has made us conscious about how health and diet are important to have good immunity to fight again the virus.

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