How Mothers Contribute To The Overall Development Of A Child

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How Mothers Contribute To The Overall Development Of A Child

The most beautiful word “mother” comprises a bundle of emotions that sometimes defy the reason. For many moms out there, bonding with their babies round the clock isn’t possible. Most women return to their workstations before their kid turns three months old.

Have you recently become a mother? Or are you expecting a baby? You must be thinking about how your life has been changing or how your role would change once you become a mother. Are you concerned about your part being a new mom in the overall development of your child? No more to worry. While one of the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi, DrSheetal Agarwal will help solve most problems, there are some pointers you need to take care of.

This article is dedicated to you and all mothers who have been awake throughout the night for their toddlers holding them in their arms.

The emotional and physical presence of a mother provides children with two different things: stress protection and emotional regulation which both play an important role in the healthy development of the brain and the future well-being of the child.

Knowingly or even unknowingly, you do a lot for your child. Below are a few roles you need to play as a mother in the overall development of your child.

Emotional Attachment Being a mother, you are the first one to be emotionally attached or have an emotional bonding with your child in their initial days, months and weeks. How you bond with your kid in their early days always leaves a great impact on their overall development and well-being.

The mother and child relationship that you create in the initial years would have a great influence on your child’s social behaviour. Being a mother, how you react to your children’s needs and how you take care of them would teach your children a lot about how to understand his as well as other emotional needs.

Teaching your child to trust as well as security Your children learn the essential lifestyle skills, namely providing emotional security and trusting from you. Being a mother, you must teach your child the importance of confidence and trust. Your child would be confident as well as emotionally safe if he trusts you.

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Always be with your child when he needs you. See to that you always help him and also encourage your child to do better. The encouragement shows your baby that your love is steady and secure for him.

Always be Sensitive towards your kid. As a mother, at times you might even feel that everything isn’t going in the planned way. Of course, you lose your coolness and desperately give up. But wait. Consider your child’s point of view. Your child will draw from you a great lesson in life: sensitivity to the needs and thoughts of others.

Always be loving and kind Be loving and kind towards them, irrespective of how angry or stressed you are in your personal life. Your response to the day-to-day activities and needs of your child will show them the importance of loving others.

Having a positive attitude At times, life is harsh, but how you handle difficult situations is essential. The way you tackle your problems helps your children in learning the importance of having a positive attitude.

Your response to various issues, either a small or a big one, would show that your child can overcome many difficulties if they have a positive attitude. Encourage the child not to give up and must learn a lot from their mistakes.

Discipline Nobody can teach your child as much as you can about the value of hard work! Show your child how you can manage time and obligations effectively through a routine. Teach your child about discipline and ensure that you follow some fundamental practices in your day-to-day life. So, once they learn they will be able to enjoy the benefits all lifetime.

By now, you must know your importance as a mother in the development and growth of your child. A mother’s role in child development will have a strong impact on emotional, social and general growth.

The need for having a mother is as important as the need for having a father. Mothers are the teachers long before the kids step in the classroom. They are responsible for the morals and values the child possesses, and they must teach their kids what is right and what is wrong. Mothers prepare kids for society as well as to lead a productive life.

But mothers have a lot of problems to face as well, before and after pregnancy too. That’s why you as a mother or to-be need to have someone by your side always. DrSheetal Agarwal is one of the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi NCR. You are sure to find the solution to your queries and issues, thanks to her experience of almost 25 years in this field. Why not consult her right away? Don’t forget, she is also available for Online Gynaecologist Consultations.

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