Everything you need to know about women muscle power

Author : JohnSmith
Publish Date : 2021-06-09

Everything you need to know about women muscle power

There are females out there who say that whether they do household work or focus on body building or weight lifting. On the other hand, there are a female who wants to grow their muscles and wants to focus on body building. These are two different mind sets that are found in our society. So, here is an example you can learn from Deepika Chaudhary’s example, she won “Figure athlete” award in 2013 and the amazing thing is that she is a married woman. Girls with muscle do not focus on what other says she just does her work accordingly. She is a girl with muscle and she is proud of that. 

Things to learn

Deepika is known by the name of Mrs. Muscle in the body building world. She says that women doing regular house hold work should not be considered that exercise; there is lot more to do. Minimum 34–40-minute hard core workout is necessary to gain muscles and to become girl with muscles. Do strength training along with weight training, this is very important to grow muscles and to increase strength. 

Diet plans

If you want to grow your muscles then diet is as important as doing workout. Deepika says you need to make a proper diet plan and follow that strictly. She says increase the level of protein, vitamin and carbohydrate in your diet. Try to avoid consume fat and junk foods. Drink plenty amount of water in a day. Try to eat 5 to 6 times in day this will help metabolism to work properly. Add egg, chicken, high protein and fibrous food in the diet. Eat fish and almonds regularly. Avoid bad fat consumption as it accumulates on the inner side of the skin and is very too tough to get rid of.


Do regular work out and try not to skip even for a day this will generate a habit for doing hard work. Do workout for 35 to 40 minutes daily. Add rope skipping, cardio, running, weight lifting, stretching etc. In your daily workout.

Avoid stress, fasting, skipping workouts and laziness as all these things may create a trouble a muscle building. Girls with muscles need to be strict towards their routine weather it is diet or workout. These days’ people focus more on weight lifting but we need to understand that strength training is equally important. You cannot avoid strength training over weight lifting.

“All these things may not suit to you in the beginning but slowly-slowly your body will accept all these things. Nothing in this world meets easily, you have to do hard work for everything” says Deepika Chaudhary.

Dedication and patience

To build muscles properly 1-to-2-year time period is required. All you need to do is show proper dedication towards it without doing any mistakes. Females have lowered level of progesterone and estrogenic in their body and have high level of starch in their bodies. So, they need to do 3 to 4 times more hard work then males. This does not mean that women cannot do this; everything is possible if we do that in a right way.

Hard work I.e., dedication and the patience are the key to everything. You need to become both mentally and physically strong for this. Because our society has not accepted the girl with muscles yet so, we need to be stronger towards this. There is nothing we cannot achieve in this world just need proper guidance for that.  Regular weight and strength training will be led to build muscle and also this will keep body healthy and disease free.

When we see around usually, we see males with a perfect physic and toned up body. It's very rare to see girls with muscles. Because toned body and a perfect physic female is not considered good in our society. There are many misconceptions and myths about the females in the area of fitness. Many researches that have been conducted shows that the weight training is good for both males and females. But, in our society females have always been shown to be slim, that’s why people don’t accept the fact of girl with muscles. Some also says that women cannot grow muscles and says it is very rare if a female is able to grow muscles as much as male. 

Heart muscle building

The most important fact about strength training is that if you increase the load on heart muscle it will expand and grow. With aerobic training it is possible. Step training will help you to increase in the size of the lower body parts. With this you also need to decrease the size of steps of or say decrease the load on muscles, if you increase the step size it will create an overload.

Trained yourself according to rules

There is only one rule for strength training you just need to follow that rule to get the desirable results. If you want to get strong practice with heavy weights and with sever repetitions. To increase strength workout with more weights. Every person has a different body you need to understand your body first in order to get this training done. Work according to your body so that it would not get waste.

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