Everything about AMH Blood Test Levels and Fertility Results

Publish Date : 2020-10-21

Everything about AMH Blood Test Levels and Fertility Results

Women are born with all the eggs they will have during their life. Starting from the first menstrual cycle, woman’s body engages a group of follicles that have the potentiality for responding to the hormones when they begin to grow and ovulate.

Usually, a woman ovalutes one egg each month and the eggs that are not selected for ovulation dissolves and the process gets repeated in case a woman is not pregnant in that month.

The average age of a woman to conceive is on the rise in the past few decades as more women are now willing to get proper education, build their career or live their life before starting their own family. Thus, the result is that more women who are into their 30s and 40s are now having children than those in the past.

However, the fertility declines with age and so, it is important that women understand their fertility and what the present tests and treatments can and cannot do for them. With proper knowledge about important blood tests in London, you will be able to take informed decisions about your overall health condition.

What are AMH levels?

AMH or anti-mullerian hormone is actually a laboratory test that the fertility doctors and OBGYN can use to assess egg count or ovarian reserve of a woman. In simple words, AMH is a hormone produced by the cells from small follicles in the ovaries of woman and used in the form of a marker of oocyte quantity.

Important information about AMH

  • Anti-mullerian hormone or AMH is actually a substance that can be produced with granulosa cells in ovarian follicles.
  • It has been prepared by primary follicles that gradually advance from primordial follicle stage. In these stages, the follicles are microscopic which are not visible through ultrasound.
  • AMH production is the highest in preantral and smallest in antral stages of development.
  • The production starts decreasing and then stops when the follicles grow. There will be no AMH made in the follicles above 8mm.
  • The levels are quite constant and AMH testing is usually done on any day based on the cycle of woman.

What does AMH mean with respect to fertility?

AMH is considered to be an important fertility test that denotes about ovarian reserve of woman. Higher AMH values denote that a woman has normal ovarian reserve and lower AMH values indicate that a woman has low or reduced ovarian reserve (DOR).

It is known that the fertility of woman decreases as she tends to grow old and so, AMH values also begin to decline with age. The value of the test helps to know if a woman with low AMH may do something about her fertility at present in case she wants to have a family in future.

How will an AMH blood test detect infertility?

As AMH can be produced only in small ovarian follicles, the level of blood in these substances is used to calculate the size of pool of growing follicles in women.

  • As per the research, the size of the pool of growing follicles can be influenced heavily with the size of the pool of left over primordial follicles
  • By going through the levels of an AMH blood test, a fertility doctor will know the size of ovarian reserve or remaining egg supply.

Due to an increase in female age, the pool size of outstanding microscopic follicles gradually decline. In the same way, the blood AMH levels as well as the number of ovarian antral follicles visible on ultrasound will also lessen.

Women who have several small follicles like polycystic ovaries (PCOS) have higher AMH hormone values. On the other hand, women with fewer remaining follicles and the ones who are close to menopause generally have lower anti-mullerian hormone levels.

What can and cannot AMH measure?

What AMH is:

This is a great tool that enables to evaluate the present ovarian reserve of woman. It provides an entire picture of how you look like, at present.

Besides, it helps with setting pragmatic outlook on the number of eggs that need to be retrieved or how you respond to the medication in case you want to move ahead with IVF for egg freezing or infertility.

What AMH is not:

This is a predictor with which you will know if a woman can become pregnant spontaneously in future.

The only test of whether a woman can conceive, despite of AMH values, is to become pregnant on her own. According to studies, it has been demonstrated that there is no difference in the rates of pregnancy among women with normal AMH values who are trying to conceive against women with lower AMH levels who want to conceive.

By checking your AMH today and getting a low number, it does not mean in anyway that you cannot become pregnant tomorrow or within the next 3 months when you try on your own.

Furthermore, if you are having a “normal” AMH value now, it does not determine that it will remain the same in future. All women will go though the decline phase in fertility with age and how soon that decline takes place will be different for every woman which cannot be predicted.

Do you need to perform an AMH test?

With AMH values, you will be able to know whether you need to do something for your fertility. Well, AMH will tell what your ovarian reserve is for now. But they won’t be able to guess how soon the ovarian reserve will decline in future and they also cannot predict if you can become pregnant on your own.

Will an AMH test be covered through insurance?

There are some insurance companies that provide coverage with the testing of AMH in the form of a basic diagnostic test. The suitable way to know is by speaking with your insurance provider or else you may pay cash and the price will differ according to the clinic or the laboratory you choose. The testing may range from $20 to slightly higher in case of a single AMH test.

What are the results obtained by performing an AMH blood test?

Certain discrepancies are there that need to be considered at the time of interpreting the results from an AMH blood test. As AMH test is not in proper use for several years, the levels need to be considered as “normal” which are not clarified and agreed on by the experts.

Thus, you will be able to get more information on anti-mullerian hormone levels and its results. By using AMH fertility test and performing same day blood tests in London, the relationship between AMH hormone values, ovarian responsiveness and fertility can really be understood in a better way.

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