Corona Virus Raging, Hospitals in Brazil Nearly Collapsed

Publish Date : 2021-03-10

Corona Virus Raging, Hospitals in Brazil Nearly Collapsed

The Rio de Janeiro-based institute said more than 80% of the beds in intensive care units (ICUs) were occupied. The level of bed filling in this hospital is spread across 25 capitals of 27 states in Brazil.

Last Tuesday, the country's daily death toll was recorded at 1,972 cases, which is the latest on record.

Since the pandemic began, the total number of deaths due to the corona virus in Brazil has reached 266,000 out of 11 million positive cases.

This is the second highest death rate in the world after the United States. Brazil is also noted as the country with the third highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world.

According to Fiocruz, the number of hospital occupations in 15 state capitals is already more than 90% of capacity, including Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and So Paulo.

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Meanwhile, in two cities - Porto Alegre and Campo Grande - the ICU filling levels have exceeded capacity.

The agency's report cites a warning that these figures indicate "an overload and even a health system conceding".

"Researchers stress the need to expand and strengthen measures involving social and physical distancing, use of masks, and washing hands," the report said.


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Last week, experts told the Valor Economic newspaper that the death toll would hit 2,000 a day. They warned that the only way to avoid this is if the federal government takes over national coordination to fight the virus, recommending lockdowns, use of masks and a mass vaccine program.

So far, more than eight million people have received their first dose of the vaccine, a figure equivalent to 4% of the total population.

Last Tuesday, more than 70,000 new cases were recorded, an increase of 38% from last week, according to local media. The increase in the number of new cases is attributed to the spread of a highly contagious variant of the virus, thought to have originated in the Amazon city of Manaus.

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Nonetheless, President Jair Bolsonaro continues to downplay the threat posed by the virus.

Earlier this week, he told the public to "stop whining" . Speaking at an event, he said: "How long are you going to continue to mourn this? How much longer are you going to stay home, and shut down everything? Nobody can stand it anymore. We regret the death case, again, but we need a solution. . "

A number of quarantine measures have been taken by regional governors, but have been opposed by Bolsonaro, arguing that the impact of the economic damage will be worse than the effects of the virus itself.

In the aftermath of the rape case, Robinho was sentenced to 9 years in prison

footballer origin Brazil , Robinho , was sentenced to nine years in prison after otherwise involved in cases of rape . This sentence has been confirmed by the Milan Court of Appeal.


Adapted from Marca's report on Wednesday (10/3/2021), Robinho was sentenced in December 2020 for being involved in a rape that took place in Italy in 2013.

Robinho was initially found guilty in 2017 and he filed an appeal. However, the court's decision was the same and Robinho was sentenced to nine years in prison.

The court itself stated that Robinho brutally humiliated the victim who was celebrating her 23rd birthday the night of the incident. This incident occurred when Robinho was still in AC Milan's uniform .

However, Robinho himself still has time to appeal again. He has 45 days to appeal to the Supreme Court of Cassation, Italy's highest court of appeal.

Well, Robinho was not alone when he was found guilty. Because his friend who was also involved in this case, Ricardo Falco was also sentenced.

Apart from that, Robinho is one of the great footballers. He even had time to defend several well-known teams such as Real Madrid , Manchester City and AC Milan.

During his career, Robinho has scored 146 goals and 90 assists in 552 games. However, the rape case that dragged his name has tarnished Robinho's good name in the world of football.

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