8 Top Relaxation Techniques To Live Stress-Free Life

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Publish Date : 2020-04-15

8 Top Relaxation Techniques To Live Stress-Free Life

Nowadays, stress is a common thing, and everybody in this world is suffering from mental stress due to different reasons. Though it is not possible to completely avoid stress, we can at least try some relaxation techniques that can help us to lead a happy and stress-free life. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some techniques that will help you to relax your mind and live a healthy life:

1. Do Meditation

You should do mediation regularly. It will help to ease your anxiety and relax your body and mind. According to research, regular meditation helps in changing the neural pathway of our brain, and it helps you to release stress from your mind. It is very simple and easy to do regular meditation. 

You should sit with a straight back and keep your booth feet on the floor. Now, close your eyes and keep your attention at one thing. After that, try to feel the silence and peace around you. You should also say, "I feel At Peace." 

Touch your stomach and try to synchronize your words with your breaths.  This synchronization will keep your mind focused and help your brain to get rid of stress. You should meditate in peaceful surrounding conditions. 

Also, make sure that the ambient condition is supporting. It is not easy to meditate in a hot and humid atmosphere. Therefore, you should install air conditioning Sydney at your home to meditate without any problem.

2. Breathing Exercise

The breathing exercise is one of the best ways to relax your mind. You should deep breathe for five minutes to get rid of stress. You can do this anytime in a day. First of all, you should sit straight, keep your eyes closed, and keep your hand on your stomach. 

Now, start inhaling by your nose and feel the movement of your stomach. Now, exhale and feel the movement in your stomach. Deep breathing is the best way to slow down your heart rate. Also, it helps in reducing blood pressure.

3. Enjoy The Present Moment

You should stay in the present and enjoy your moments. You should stop worrying about the future because it can make you feel more stressed. You should notice how air touches your face and how you are hitting the ground while walking. You should enjoy your food and all those things that you have right now.

4. Build Social Contacts

The best way to handle your stress is to make friends and hang out with them. You should share your worries with your trustworthy friend. When you share your problems, then you feel relaxed and happy as well. They may suggest the right thing to do so that you can easily handle the worst situation in your life.

5. Do Workout

Most people think that workout can only help you to improve your physical fitness. But, it also helps in releasing from your mind. It is not necessary to join a gym or health club. You can simply go on a morning walk, do yoga and stretching. 

During summer, it is difficult to go out for a morning walk; therefore, you should start doing yoga and workout at your home. Install ducted air conditioning Sydney and do yoga inside your house. The air conditioner will maintain cool temperatures so that you can concentrate on your workout.

6. Decompress Technique

This technique helps in reducing muscle tension so that you feel good and happy as well. You should take a warm cloth and wrap it up around your neck. You should leave it for 10 minutes. Now, keep your eyes closed, relax your upper body. Now, take off this wrap and massage your neck muscle with a tennis ball. 

To massage your back, place the tennis ball between the back and the wall. You should apply pressure on the ball for at least 15 seconds. Slowly, move this ball to another point and apply pressure. Repeat the procedure until you feel relaxed.

7. Laughing Practice

You should laugh out loud because it is good for your heart and mind as well. Laughing out loud helps you to reduce the cortisol in your body. Laughing helps in reducing the stress hormones and also boosts up good chemicals inside your brain, such as endorphins. 

This chemical help in an uplifting good mood. You can also refresh your mood by watching your favorite movie, talking with your friends, and going out.

8. Listen to Soothing Music

According to the research, you should listen to soothing music. It will help to maintain a good blood pressure level, keep your heart healthy, and also reduce your anxiety. 

You should create a separate playlist of soothing music so that you can listen to it anytime. The soothing and calming songs help in relaxing your mind and reduce stress levels.

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