Top 3 Websites for Online Cricket Betting

Publish Date : 2020-06-11

Top 3 Websites for Online Cricket Betting

Indians are fond of many sports like football, hockey, badminton, and basketball. However, no one can ignore the magic and experience of watching cricket. The game has reached a new level, since the introduction of the T20 format in England, 2003. Also, the modern audience takes a keen interest in online cricket betting sites for earning money by their favorite game. 

Indian audiences tend to put their focus on T20 betting and IPL betting. However, it is challenging to find legit sites for cricket betting in India. In case you are also a cricket fan and are searching for some of the best, and legal cricket betting read through this blog. We have listed some genuine websites with fantastic options like pre-match and live match betting. 

Place your bets on tournaments like the ODI series, The Ashes, T20 Internationals, etc. So, keep your chances ready and an eye on the TV as we list the best collection of betting sites.


BET365 offers the most exciting welcome deal in the cricket betting market. Also, it doesn’t matter if you play small or large bets. BET365 has the most comprehensive network of markets for little and big matches.

Another advantage of using BET365 is that they are renowned for their reputation and top-grade pioneers for small and big stakes.

Furthermore, BET365 takes care of listing their prices, so you do not have to wait for pre-match and results. Don’t forget to download the BET365 app today and play during the live match.


888 sports is another online cricket betting site that even provides expert tips and advice for online betting. Also, their stakes are listed pretty early in the market so that you can make a precise and quick decision. 

Experts in cricket betting suggest using 888 sports as it has been in the field for more than ten years and has proven its worth. Moreover, the site also hosts one of the most significant cricket market sets in the industry.


BetWay has built a trustworthy reputation for itself in the past 14 years because of the extensive betting and stake options it offers. Also, the sites enhance your betting experience with an opportunity like live betting, hundreds of cricket markets, and betting software to facilitate a user-friendly experience. 

Other than online cricket betting, BetWay also provides you with a mixed choice for online betting on football, once you sign up.

Trust and Worth of Online Cricket Betting

If you want to verify the validity and trustworthiness of a betting site, you must look that they publish full details of their license. Also, the betting site should be open and transparent to build a sense of trustworthiness among bettors. 

Furthermore, potential bettors should also be able to check the duration of the site’s business in the industry. It is because websites that are older than ten years are encouraging and hosts an excellent base of customers and cricket markets. 

So, feel free to get your stakes out and experience the best of betting through the sites mentioned in this blog.

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