Top 3 Gaming Headsets of 2020 in the USA for Video Games

Author : johnwick
Publish Date : 2020-07-15

Top 3 Gaming Headsets of 2020 in the USA for Video Games

A good gaming headset has the ability to transform a video game from a simple hobby to a complete wholesome experience. Turtle beach headsets highlight even the minor noises. They also allow you to talk with your teammates and customize your soundscape on various apps. The demand for headsets in the PC Gaming community is ever increasing.

Find out the top 3 Gaming Headsets of 2020 below.

1- Turtle Beach EarForce XL1 Corded Gaming Headset


Turtle Beach EarForce XL1 Corded Gaming Headsets


This wired headset is one of the best creations of Turtle Beach. It is a small size headset made to satisfy your Xbox needs. The comfort it provides is unrivaled even though it is a piece of hardware. The ear-cups are padded and are so light that you will forget you're wearing them. It has a lightweight body of 181 grams. The headset gives a secure fit, which means you can have it on for hours long of gaming sessions.

Although it is a low-priced device, the level and depth of the volume which it delivers are excellent. The user can set the specifications of the volume himself. Even the unimportant and ambient noises are amplified to a large extent. The in-line control panel allows the settings of the volumes both of the games as well as the people who are talking in the voice chat. It can be done by the separate volume control wheels. This is how the user can customize the settings, which further increases the comfort.

Another impressive feature is that the built-in mic monitor allows the person to hear his own voice. It is also compatible with the Xbox LIVE. Other features include a mute function, straight plug, passive noise reduction, and automatic bass booster. The 50mm diameter speakers have neurodynamic magnets. The speaker frequency response goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, whereas the microphone frequency response has a limit of 15 kHz. A long cable of 16 feet is given, which offers mobility. The headphone amplifier is stereo DC coupled. All in all, the EarForce XL1 is a versatile piece of gear which gives an immersive gaming experience.

2- Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Wired Gaming Headset


Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Wired Gaming Headsets


Turtle Beach has a long lineage of incredible headsets, and this is one of them. Playing games requires the gamer to have a superior sound quality along with privacy, which the Xbox 360 brings. This over-the-ear which headset is compatible with all versions such as PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. An in-line amplifier is available for Xbox 360 and PC, whereas full chat functionality is provided on Xbox One along with an audio adapter.

Thunderous audio is delivered by the full range 50mm stereo speakers. The control panel has buttons for a game and chats volume separately. The soft cushioned ear-cups can be folded flat so that they can sit on your shoulders easily. An important feature is that it supports mobile gaming as well but with limited functions. Noise cancellation, battery life, and material quality are spot on as well.

3- Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset


Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset


This is an impressive stereo gaming headset that offers loud booming audio and ear-cups that don't leak sound. Logitech headsets are known for stylish and sleek designs, so it's no surprise that the G230 is a visual treat as well. It is engraved with red and black accents, which add a nice detail. It is lightweight, durable, and has super loud audio as it's winning features. The body is made of sturdy materials, and the ear-cups can lie straight for convenience.

The headband is adjustable, and it gives a space of a few inches on both sides for proper positioning. You can even wear it while working out because the ear-cups are made of sports-performance cloth that can tolerate sweat and extreme heat. The user can clean the removable ear-pads after having a gaming session. The microphone is flexible, so you can take it as close to your mouth as you like.

The in-line control panel has all the buttons you need to adjust volume and mute the headset. This stereo headset can be connected to a laptop or PC through the 3.5mm connection. The major pros of this headset include 40mm neurodynamic drivers, comfort, rotate-able ear-cups, noise-canceling mic folds, stylish design, and outstanding stereo sound playback in games. The cable divides into two separate plugs for headphones and mic, respectively. The earpieces are slim and light, which gives ease in wearing.

Final Words:

These corded headsets are the best companions for your games. If you are a gamer who is in need of a solid gaming headset, then you can visit FindHeadsets because they have much more variety and good quality.

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