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PGSlot is a developer of custom apps and games. We have a real passion for gaming and are able to work with many genres, age groups and technology platforms to support you in your gaming project. For those who are already in the production of games, we offer active for sale, with and without exclusive copyrights. You will also find our apps, games and assets for sale on this site.

Partners in the development of educational applications and games - from early learning, through high school and university.

My wife and I share a great interest - even a passion - for the intricacies of the language we use every day. Word games and puzzles, crosswords, puzzles, etc. have always been part of our lives and our learning.

So together, IT has been an integral part of our working life since the mid-1980s: I actually started my IT career in 1966, working with mainframes, and later directly participated in the revolution. personal computers. While Sherry began his IT work in the sale and service of PC computers in the 1980s.

Our major interest, however, remains the language. For the past 25 years, we have distributed e-books on homophones and homonyms, that is, words that sound the same. I have a BA (Literature and Composition) and an MA (Writing); Sherry received degrees in application and game production. Together, we launched PocketGames in mid-2018 to bring our knowledge, products and experience to the all-important area of ​​education.

So we offer full game design, development and production to deliver full games and apps. In mid-2018, we produced our Novel Words® app, primarily for high school and college students; three educational games for students are in development and are expected to be released in 2019. Although education is our primary market, customers with specific needs can expect detailed application and game design documents for other markets, in order to carry out original concepts.

In addition, we continue to develop educational apps and games internally; and we offer 2D and 3D modeling resources produced and sold with or without exclusive copyrights.

Our services provide cross-platform games including Andriod, iOS and PC spanning multiple genres ranging from casual games and educational apps to augmented reality, virtual reality and merged reality.

Our Agile process combined with the latest technology helps deliver the best mobile and PC games to the growing gaming community. We are currently working with clients all over the world including Canada, UK and Japan.

For full service, our products are prepared for Android, iPhone, iPad and PC, according to customer's requirement and choice.

PG we believe that Learning through Play is one of the most important concepts in childhood development. Through play, children can acquire cognitive, social and language skills, and develop the self-confidence necessary to overcome life's challenges.

But how does PG fit into this process? Why are our games such great solutions for parents and teachers looking for Play & Learn opportunities?

Glad you asked! Let's see how PG tackles some of the key principles of learning through play.

All PGs rely on various cognitive skills as players solve their challenges. To illustrate this point, we actually illustrate the most important specific cognitive skills engaged in each game right on the box.

Develop your spatial vision and planning skills while playing Three Little Piggies. Stimulate visual perception and problem solving skills while solving color coding challenges.

For more information, see our full list of cognitive skills.

GPs are single player games ... but that doesn't mean only one can participate in the challenge-solving process. In fact: collaboration is a key part of the PG experience. Parents and teachers are encouraged to play with their children and students, soliciting feedback and encouraging discussion about the games. Older children are encouraged to work through challenges together.

Many PGs encourage the development of early language skills. Titles like Bunny Boo and Snow White, for example, encourage communication about “Inside”, “Outside”, “Above”, “Below” and other concepts. Games like Trucky 3 provide wonderful opportunities for communicating about colors and shapes.

As game developers, one of the most rewarding things we can see is how satisfied players are with solving PGslot challenges. Not just solving an individual challenge… but rather tackling the first challenges and developing the skills to solve more difficult challenges later, challenges that were inconceivable when the game first opened.

In other words: young players learn that through practice and concentration they can develop the skills necessary to solve complex problems.

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