Game Pass will have GTA V, MLB The Show, NHL 21 and more in April

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Publish Date : 2021-04-06

Game Pass will have GTA V, MLB The Show, NHL 21 and more in April

The Microsoft announced the upcoming games that will enter the catalog Game Pass in April for both Xbox and PC and Android devices via xCloud. The big highlight is the return of Grand Theft Auto V to service.

The Rockstar Games game originally arrived on the Game Pass in January 2020 and remained in service until the end of May last year - and now returns, on April 8, to Xbox consoles and also xCloud.

Check out the games that arrive at the Game Pass in April:

GTA V (Consoles and xCloud) - April 8
Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PC, Consoles and xCloud) - April 8
Disneyland Adventures (xCloud) - April 8
NHL 21 (Consoles / EA Play) - April 12
Rain on your Parade (PC, consoles and xCloud) - April 15th
Pathway (PC) - April 15th
MLB The Show 21 (Consoles and xCloud) - April 20

In addition to the games listed above, it is already known that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also receive FIFA 21 in May.

E3 2021 will be a free digital event between June 12th and 15th

After the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the Covid-19 pandemic , E3 is back: the world's leading game fair will take place in a new format in 2021, completely digital and free. E3 2021 will take place between the 12th and 15th of June .

Among the participants already confirmed are: Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Games and Koch Media.

" For more than two decades, E3 has been the main stage to present the best that the video game industry has to offer, uniting the world through games, " said Stanley Pierre-Louis, CEO of ESA, the organization responsible for the fair, in a press release.

" We are evolving this year's E3 into a more inclusive event, but we are still looking to excite fans with great revelations and opportunities to make this event the indispensable central stage for video games ."

There are still no details on how the event will be, but ESA has confirmed to Kotaku that E3 2021 will be completely free for everyone to attend.

5 aspects in which Outriders manage to surpass Destiny or the Division 2

Outriders is a "looter shooter" developed by People Can Fly that plays in the league of giants such as Destiny or The Division 2. These are some aspects in which it stands out above its competitors.
Outriders has just launched on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X (available on Gamepass on Microsoft consoles), Stadia and PC , and we've already had the opportunity to enjoy this interesting "shooter" with RPG overtones. Square-Enix and the Polish studio People Can Fly have joined forces to make us enjoy an epic adventure on the planet Enoch, the last hope for the survival of humanity. 

You can read our Outriders review to find out what the "shooter" from the creators of Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgment has to offer. In it, we talk about the four classes:  Pyromancer, which is a balanced Outrider, which has medium-range attacks and powers derived from   fire.The Illusionist can alter the continuous space-time, surprise enemies and move around the battlefield at high speed. The Destroyer comes to be the "tank" and its main ability is to withstand enemy fire  and finally, the Technomancer is a class designed for long-range combat, like a sniper. 

The game has seemed very fun,   we have flown more than 20 of the game (if we only go to the main thing, leaving dozens of secondary and hunting orders along the way) and not counting the "endgame" expeditions . You can see that the studio moves like a fish in water in the shooting genre, and its "gameplay" is impeccable. Here you can see what the expeditions consist of, and if we should play them alone or multiplayer. 

But it is inevitable to remember that in this genre giants such as Destiny 2 Beyond the Light , from Bungie,  The Division 2  (developed by Ubisoft Massive) or  Anthem , from Bioware have already been beaten  . What does Outriders offer to gain a foothold? In this report we tell you 5 elements in which it surpasses its competitors. 

Not a game as a service
Although the design of the game is reminiscent of the MMOs we mentioned earlier, our progress is not subject to Season Passes or successive DLC downloads . It is true that it requires that we be connected online to play, but all the content of the game is on the disc (or in the first download).

outriders analysis
Outriders includes a campaign of more than 20 hours, 55 secondary missions and the expeditions of the "endgame". The loot is subject to the category of the world, which we ourselves can select if it is too difficult or too easy (but which ensures us to get legendary equipment). 

This does not prevent us later receiving downloadable content with new stories, which complete the campaign, but we will not have to return to the game on a recurring basis (if we do not want to) to enjoy all its content. It's a brave decision on the part of the studio, and it improves the user experience. 

outriders analysis
Gigantic Final Enemies
Destiny and The Division feature exciting boss fights, but there are no creatures as large (and menacing) as those found in Outriders. Of course, it is not so much a design aspect as the setting itself, but on the planet Enoch there are mammoth "bugs", and that gives a special air to the confrontations.

outriders analysis
In particular, in two moments of the main story we are going to see the faces with titanic beasts. Aside from these colossi, the mutations also make an interesting change in the fighting. If we want more "traditional" fights, we always have the option to face the worst guys on the planet in bounty hunter missions.

outriders analysis
A very affordable progress system
The level system is common to all games of the genre; lower ones give us experience points, with which to improve our skills. In addition, each new level gives us access to a skill tree (specific to each class) in which we can get modifiers. In the case of Outriders, in addition, the special pyromancer, illusionist, destroyer and technomancer are progressively unlocked. 

But what we liked is how the advance occurs after reaching the level cap. While other games "struggled" with more confusing elements, such as light level, progress in Outriders is achieved through more powerful objects. By playing in more advanced world categories we get the possibility to equip objects that are well above our level, and thus increase the statistics.

The maximum level that we can achieve in Outriders is 30, and the "loot" is quite balanced with our level. We can also disassemble pieces of equipment that are not useful to us to get parts with which to modify our favorites. You can increase the level, abilities and even the rarity level. 

Customize vehicles
We've already talked about weapon and gear customization. But Outriders does not stop here, and allows us to customize our off-road vehicle . It is true that Destiny had the option of piloting the hummingbird to move us through the largest scenarios, and that it also gave us the opportunity to modify the appearance of our ship (active during load times). However, this aspect runs deeper into the People Can Fly game.

We can alter our transport vehicle with new models of bumpers, hood, trailer or wheels, modify the color and the camouflage pattern. And all this is achieved with awards, which we obtain with different achievements of combat, exploration or collecting. It is an extra incentive, since the vehicle appears in numerous video sequences and we find it parked in each of the camps.

However, this is only an aesthetic question. The changes do not affect the behavior of the vehicle, and it does not even have a reflection on the playability, since the journeys are carried out automatically. 

The use of powers
For the end we leave the great change of Outriders with respect to its competitors. As in Doom (2016), an offensive style of play is encouraged : our energy recovers with the damage we do, so the best way to stay alive is to attack without rest.

And on the other hand, the powers recharge quite quickly, and we can alternate them almost without stopping (with L1, R1 and a combination of both). Later we can equip pieces of armor that allows us to use the same attack several times without waiting for the reload.

Some of these powers cause altered states - such as enemies on fire or temporarily frozen - that are enhanced if we later unleash, for example, an area attack. It is a very careful aspect that gives depth to the combat. And the combination of skills and shooting is a lot of fun; There are few games that achieve such a frenetic feel during combat, especially against the final bosses. 

Sports Week comes to GAME with offers on console packs, sports video games and much more

A new promotion arrives at GAME specialized stores. If you like to exercise, don't miss Sports Week, with console packs, sports video games and more.
On the occasion of the celebration of World Sports Day on April 6 , GAME stores have announced a new promotion. Sports Week is now available and thanks to it you can access dozens of offers.

Until April 11, you can enjoy console pack promotions with sports games, fighting titles, racing titles, discounts on FIFA 21, extra FIFA Points and much more. Access to know everything . We leave you the list of promotions here below:

NINTENDO SWITCH (2019 model) (color to choose) + MARIO TENNIS ACES or MARIO & SONIC AT THE TOKYO GAMES (to choose) for € 349.95.
NINTENDO SWITCH LITE (color to choose) + MARIO TENNIS ACES or MARIO & SONIC AT THE TOKYO GAMES (to choose) for € 239.95.
PS4 SLIM 500GB + FIFA 21 + FUT CONTENT for € 339.95.

Get FIFA 21 in GAME for PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, NINTEDO SWITCH or PC from only € 24.95 and get a 2-month subscription to DAZN as a gift to enjoy streaming sports content.

SPIKE VOLLEYBALL (PS4) for € 9.95.
EFOOTBALL PES 2021 (PS4) for € 14.95.
NBA 2K21 (PS4, XBO, NSW, PS4, XBSX) from € 19.95.
FIFA 21 (PS4, XBO, PC, NSW) for € 24.95.
PGA TOUR 2K21 (PS4, XBO, NSW) for € 29.95.
TENNIS WORLD TOUR 2 (PS4, XBO, NSW) for € 39.95.
Game Sports Week
JUST DANCE 2021 (PS4, XBO, NSW) from € 29.95.
MARIO & SONIC JJOO TOKYO 2020 (NSW) for € 49.95.
TEKKEN 7 (PS4) for € 14.95.

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