Where Can You Find High-Quality Yellow Maca Root?

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Publish Date : 2020-12-01

Where Can You Find High-Quality Yellow Maca Root?

You might have heard of maca and are interested in the potential benefits that this healthy vegetable, but are unsure which variety is right for you. This is unsurprising because you may find maca in a variety of colors and forms, and it can be somewhat difficult to select from all of these different products if you haven’t been made familiar with them yet.




In terms of a beneficial all-purpose maca product, you should consider trying yellow maca root. While the black and red varieties of maca are often more sought after for the specific benefits that are attributed to them, yellow maca is the most common variety of maca and is, therefore, more affordable. The differences between the different colors of maca are actually very slight, so if you are wondering which maca is best for you, yellow is a smart and easy choice.




What is the Difference Between Yellow Maca Root and Other Varieties of Maca?
During each harvest of maca, the roots come out in a variety of different colors. The three most common colors include yellow or off-white, red and purple, and darker black varieties. These differences are truly only “skin deep,” as the flesh of maca root always appears as a creamy white. However, the color of a maca root’s skin is thought to reveal a bit about its nutrient profile.




Initial studies have shown that there is a slight difference in the way maca root may affect the body depending on the color of its skin. That being said, all maca is thought to be beneficial and may positively impact health based on how nutritious it is. Yellow maca root makes up a majority of each harvest, and while it is considered the most common variety, it still packs a nutritional punch.




Maca root in general is considered to be a highly nutrient-dense “adaptogen” that can help the body in a variety of ways. From hormonal balance to aiding with bone density and matters of anxiety, this amazing root vegetable simply includes a great deal of nutrition.




While it may be true that the specific nutrients or enzymes present in black and red maca may make them better suited at tackling certain health issues (for example, studies may indicate that red maca is better at addressing female fertility), you can still incorporate yellow maca into your diet if you are interested in the potential health benefits that this root vegetable may impart.

Yellow maca root contains virtually the same nutrient profile as the other varieties of maca, so for all intents and purposes, it is a great “introductory” maca product if you are interested in using it or simply want to enjoy the blanket benefits of increased nutrition in your diet without concerning yourself with possible health benefits.




Where Can You Purchase Yellow Maca Root?
If you want to enjoy the benefits of maca, it’s vital to select only high-quality maca that’s fresh, organic, and GMO-free. In The Maca Team’s online store, you will find various yellow maca products that are produced with quality in mind. They carry raw organic yellow maca powder, gelatinized yellow maca for easy digestion, and even yellow maca extract that you can use to easily take advantage of the potential benefits of maca on the go.




No matter what kind of maca you are looking for, The Maca Team is the best place to find high-quality, fresh maca online. For more information about their specific products or if you would like to know more about the different colors of maca and the various benefits they carry, give The Maca Team a call at 888-919-8616.

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