Choose the right food for your dog

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Publish Date : 2020-04-16

Choose the right food for your dog

It is very important to choose a food that meets your dog's individual needs.

Not all foods on the market work for every dog ​​out there, which is why I don't want to make a blanket recommendation without knowing the diet and history. the health of a particular dog. That's also why I refuse to publish a list of top foods online - my mission is to educate people about product quality, not to promote specific brands or products.

After ingredient quality, the next important thing about food is that your dog likes it, because even the highest quality food on the planet will do if your dog refuses to eat it. It doesn't like the taste. Interests are very different - just like in people!

Some dogs do better with lower or higher fat content, some need more or less fiber to create stable stools, and some dogs thrive on poultry feed. while others cannot tolerate them and need a different source of protein. Specific starches and fibers can give one type of dog gas but work perfectly for another.

Another important point is how many unique foods you really need to provide. Many people think that products advertised a lot with a long list of ingredients, including some types of protein, cereals, fruits, vegetables and other supplements must be better to provide than the recipe. Boring turns with limited ingredients. The fact is that the more ingredients there are, the smaller the number of individuals who can tolerate the product and your dog may be one of them! Feeding a more restrictive recipe of commercial and varied foods by adding healthy, fresh, unprocessed food items (in which you know your dog tolerates them) is A better approach and really add nutritional value.

It is also not helpful to feed all the protein sources you can get on your hands just because you can. Stick with more popular things like chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and fish and avoid the more exotic types. In the case of dogs developing food allergies, they will need to be transferred to food ingredients that they have never been exposed to before in life. The more different sources you have fed before, the more difficult it will be to come up with a good feeding plan in such a situation. So make sure you always read ingredient labels before buying food and keep "exotic" meats in stock if you need them one day.

Don't be afraid to try feeding different brands, so you can find out what works for your dog, but give it time - unless there are signs of intolerance right away, 3 -4 months is a good time frame for short-term viewing as well as long-term effects.

To provide diversity in the right way, it is not a bad idea to cycle between some high-quality dry food brands every 3-4 months, as long as your dog accepts and accepts Contain food switches frequently. For people with sensitive stomachs, the stress of digestive disorders negates the benefits of rotating food products.

When feeding mostly dry food, don't mix different types, as each brand follows a specific nutritional formula and philosophy, developed by the manufacturer. All products are formulated to provide nutrients in a given size serving (kibble size and density vary by brand), based on body weight. Instead of getting "the best of both", your dog won't eat enough either to get the full benefits of a specific nutrition system. Last but not least, if digestive disorders occur, it will take more time to find the exact cause of it, than eliminating commercial food or any supplements that have been fed recently.

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