Chicory and Coffee: what differences?

Publish Date : 2020-04-03

Chicory and Coffee: what differences?


Chicory and coffee come from very distinct plants and each has their virtues even if they are often combined in one and the same drink. Coffee is also known for the caffeine it contains and chicory, for its milder flavour and medicinal properties.

Today, we put these produced in parallel to better understand them and to better appreciate them on a daily basis.

What distinguishes chicory from coffee?

First of all, if the coffee comes from seeds of the plant that bears his name,  chicory is essentially a root. If the first is drunk for the caffeine it contains, the second is devoid of it and is mainly used for its many health benefits.

Coffee is used for its stimulating properties and is best consumed in the morning and during active hours.

Chicory has been put forward for the production of a coffee substitute,  without caffeine. In addition to posing as a  natural alternative to coffee, it is also promoted for its subtle taste.


Chicory is not only used for drinking. It is involved in the manufacture of many pastries, in the composition of certain beers and food for domestic animals.

If the coffee is produced by roasting the seeds, the preparation of chicory follows several stages, since its roots are first transformed into cassettes before being dried, then roasted. Unlike coffee, chicory can be drunk safely from morning to evening. It has the advantage of being rich in fibre and minerals.

History of chicory


Chicory entered the consumption habits of Europeans from the XVIIth century and posed as a substitute for coffee from the XIXth century. Its history is intimately linked to that of France since its popularity in front of coffee follows actions carried out at the time by Napoleon.

Indeed, to resolve the agricultural crisis, the latter placed an embargo on the importation of coffee, which forced the population to find a replacement. The chicory drunk during this period still had a fairly rudimentary taste.

The second shortage of coffee occurred between the two world wars and again brought chicory to the fore not only as a drink but also as a vegetable and food colouring.

The virtues of chicory


In many ways, chicory is far more virtuous than coffee and the reasons far outweigh the fact that it is devoid of caffeine.

It should also be noted that it was already used several thousand years before Jesus Christ, in particular for the facilitation it provides for digestion thanks to a particular fibre present in its composition,  inulin.

This fibre allows the constitution of bacteria beneficial to the digestive system, for example, the active Bifidus which provides natural protection against infections and allergies while facilitating intestinal transit.

Inulin is also suitable for people suffering from a calcium deficiency, which it helps to assimilate.

We can never say it enough,  chicory is also rich in fibre, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, but also iron, very useful for pregnant women.

Scientific research is also organized so that chicory is confirmed as being a food naturally rich in antioxidants since the molecules that block oxidation and therefore the phenomenon of ageing are present in its components.

Not to spoil anything, its taste inspires many scientists and makes it possible to develop increasingly sophisticated drinks. Many have stood out to the point of having been awarded by numerous jury selections.

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