A brief about your favorite – PIZZA

Author : Zaid Haneef
Publish Date : 2020-08-11

A brief about your favorite – PIZZA

A real delicacy when it comes to the favourite food of kids as well as adults. You cannot say No to it especially when you have the delicious recipe on your table. You will surely start drooling for it.

Is it really as unhealthy as we think?

What pops up in your mind when you think of fast food? Definitely, pizza would be one of the first, if not the first item which comes to your mind. It’s a no brainer, almost everyone loves pizza and this is very evident from the number of fast food outlets and chains of restaurants which offer thousands of varieties of pizzas throughout the world. 

Now, coming to the actual concern is it as unhealthy as we know it to be? Maybe or maybe not that much actually, after all, let’s learn more about this and whether it is possible to make pizza a healthy snack?

What determines if a pizza is healthy or unhealthy?

Determining if a pizza is healthy or not, really boils down to two questions - First, ‘What is a crust made up of?’ and second, ‘Toppings’. The crust and toppings of the pizza determine whether it’ll lie close to the healthier side of the spectrum or end up as a disaster for your healthy diet. Either way, you can incorporate it as a once in a while cheat snack (Only if you’re not super strict with your diet) 

Despite all of the mentioned above, at least a pizza does provide you with some Sodium and Calcium which is basically because of the tomatoes and cheese in it. Those who want to increase the level of calcium, as well as sodium in their body, should eat this delicacy and rejoice in its ultimate taste. The best thing is that on one hand you will enjoy the meal and on the other hand you will get so many health benefits. This recipe will serve both the purposes so well.

How can you reduce the calorie counts of a pizza?

Now, coming to the most important thing of ‘em all, ‘numbers’. It’s common to see people keep a track of their calories to keep a check on their diets. So, how many calories does a pizza pack? Well, for a single slice of a regular 14” crust, it’s around 280 calories. Pretty high, isn’t it? But you’d be happy to know that this may range with the huge variety of pizzas offered to you. A vegetable pizza packs a relatively lesser amount of calories and fats while offering a great source of fibre and some nutrition. On the contrary, a non-vegetable pizza tends to offer high calories and fats but also provides a greater amount of protein which is a plus point.   

How to make it more nutritional and healthier?

One way to make your pizza much less unhealthy is by opting for a whole wheat crust instead of a regular refined wheat crust. And another aspect is topping, where veggies seem to be a more nutritional option. 

Despite all of this a homemade pizza will always be a much healthier option than the ones offered by fast-food restaurants. Making a whole wheat crust at home with a generous amount of veggies as a topping and you’re good to go. It looks colourful, it tastes delicious and moreover this Best Pizza at Long Beach can be considered as a healthy snack. 

So, you can check so many websites that will help you get the custom pizzas easily and make you love it more than before. This option is really great for the people who have certain health conditions due to which they either can’t eat much cheese or need some other additions like herbs, spices to enhance the taste.

In addition to it, Pizza has a lot to offer like the different toppings that include vegetables as well as non-vegetables, whatever you like. Thus, if you are really craving for a good pizza, just search for the best ones online and order that.

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