Best Business Credit Card Offers In UAE

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Publish Date : 2021-03-10

Best Business Credit Card Offers In UAE

A credit card is a business credit card meant for use by a company and not for personal use by an individual.

Credit card companies of all types are available and will help them develop a credit score in order to enhance potential loan terms.

Business credit cards in opposition to personal credit cards used by consumers are intended to be used by companies.

Small companies may be effective in holding their corporate and personal spending apart for accounting and tax purposes by providing a company credit card in particular. 

Business credit cards also have unique benefits, but they lack some of the customer safeguards required for credit cards.

How Do Business Credit Cards Work?

A broad variety of financial institutions sell business credit cards. The application process is identical to a typical application for a credit card. Company borrowers can apply with or without an EIN, making it easier for small businesses to get a card.

Generally, the procedure is generally automatic and instant credit judgment allows corporate credit cards to apply for more easily than non-revolving business loans.

Business credit cards usually have interest rates marginally higher than regular loans.

This is because of the normal insecurity of credit card loans, which implies greater liability to lenders.

Advantages of Business Credit Card

Compared to their consumers, business credit cards offer certain special benefits.

Expenditure Management

Business credit cards may be a convenient option to control and divide up corporate costs. In addition to providing the normal credit card comfort, corporate credit cards, in particular, allow small business owners to keep their job expenses apart from their personal expenses.

For accounting and tax purposes, this distinction may be helpful. The cards also provide workers a convenient means of shopping and companies to track the spending of their employees.

Travel Advantages

Flight advantages are another common advantage since many enterprises are expensive to travel. The holder may be entitled to use the VIP airport lounge or to collect discounts in the course of business travel during hotel stays.

Special Perks

Credit cards typically have some special advantages intended to attract business buyers. These advantages can vary from those given to individual clients. Some corporate credit cards, for example, offer cashback on sales in shops that companies and office supplies stores are likely to visit. 

In expectation of a heavy enterprise expenditure, business credit cards often appear to deliver bigger registration incentives than single credit cards. Even, for a brief while, many bid 0 percent interest as the starting rate.

Apply for Business Credit Card

Mashreq provides a comprehensive payment solution for business cards that enables companies to efficiently handle all their corporate payment requirements and achieve the desired financial regulation, economies, and performance targets. 

It offers the most up-to-date product range and a committed service model for optimal handling of connections. They deliver the following items under our company card payment umbrella:

  • Corporate Purchase Cards

  • Central Payment Cards

  • Virtual Card

  • Corporate Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Cards

Customers can easily apply for business credit cards from Mashreq Bank. Mashreq bank minimum salary for credit card in UAE varies from card to card. For Solitaire Card minimum salary for credit cards in UAE is AED 25,000. 

For Platinum Elite Credit Card minimum salary for credit card in UAE is AED 12,000. The purpose of minimum salary range is to offer convenience to the customers following their needs.

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