Top trendy sympathy flowers you must know what they mean before sending

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Top trendy sympathy flowers you must know what they mean before sending

If your dear ones have lost someone they love you must convey your condolences through flowers. There are so many flowers you can choose from and all these flowers have different meanings associated with it. Also sympathy flowers are a great way to show your support and empathize a family that is grieving loss of their loved one. You can convey your condolences with flowers that symbolize love as they will help you communicate emotions that sometimes even words fail to express. Funeral flowers are symbolic of particular emotions while the general meaning of sympathy flowers can communicate slightly different meanings. The best way you can convey your sympathy and condolences is through flowers and you get these flowers in wide variety so support your loved one by greeting them with blooms. We are here with a guide of sympathy flowers so learn about the meaning associated with these flowers before sending them to your loved ones to convey your condolences.

1. Lilies

The most traditional funeral flowers are lilies. Lilies are symbolic of the departed souls and the hope that is offered for the renewal process. White color is symbolic to send for religious and faith based service. These flowers are one of the best sympathy flowers because it is interpreted as symbol of rebirth and renewal. It is the powerful symbol of the spirit of the loved one so that you can offer hope and encouragement. Thus the white colored lilies associated with purity are great sympathy flowers.


2. Carnations

Carnation is the symbol of love and some people believe carnation word came from incarnation. You can give carnation a flower to a family to honor a life that is reflects the spirit of Christ. You can express love for the family or for the loved ones who has passed away. Carnation is also the traditional flower for Mother’s Day and it a great choice to honor the life of a person who has been a great mother to her kid.


3. Rose

Roses are very popular flowers and different meanings are associated with different colored roses. Just like lilies, white roses tend to represent innocence and purity. You can also use peach roses represent sincerity and gratitude and can be given to a family who has lost their lost one. Pink roses too are good sympathy flowers as they represent gratitude so you can lend your support to your loved ones through pink and yellow flowers during these difficult times.


4. Hyacinth

The purple colored hyacinth is a symbol of sorrow and regret. Thus it is a great funeral flower and you can acknowledge someone’s grief with a purple hyacinth. You can communicate your sympathy with these flowers and convey the message that you are aware of their suffering and you care. The purple hyacinth can communicate the pain you feel upon the hearing of the loss of loved one and thus with this flower you can convey simple sentiment and that what a family needs.


5. Chrysanthemum

This flower has so many meanings associated with it. It is used as an expression of encouragement or support to get well soon in so many countries. This flower is also placed on graves and it is viewed as a symbol of death. It adds the perfect balance to the end of life ceremony. This flower symbolizes death, mourning, support and encouragement, thus it is one of the best and well suited flower to convey sympathy or to a funeral setting.


6. Gladioli

This flower represents strength and character. You can give this flower to the grieving family and remind them how wonderful people they are and encourage them to preserve them through their grief journey. This flower helps you communicate your compassion to the people in a difficult time. It is also a reminder of strength to your dear one who has suffered a loss and it also motivates them to enter new difficult chapter of their lives. Make sympathy flower delivery online to your friends and relatives and give them strength by conveying your condolences gorgeous blooms.


7. Daffodils and Tulips

You can send daffodils and tulips to the grieving family and bring encouragement and hope to them at the time of struggle. Both of these flowers are uplifting and they make an ideal gift when you send them to the family who has suffered loss of their loved one. A mixed flower bouquet of daffodils and tulips is a great sympathy flower bouquet. Make bouquet flower delivery to your near and dear ones for various occasions and festivals to convey your wishes through the same.


We hope you got complete insights on what these sympathy flowers mean and express your wishes to your loved one.

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