To All The Boys Always and Forever Future or Love

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To All The Boys Always and Forever  Future or Love

This time I will discuss about one of the Netflix films adapted from Jenny Han's book, the final part of the trilogy " To All the Boys ", namely To All the Boys: Always and Forever . 

These three films are about the love story of Lara-Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) from their first meet to their love story in high school which was hit with twists and turns. To All the Boys: Forever and Always is a story where they have to face the future that haunts them when they become seniors in their high school, Lara-Jean and Peter try to stay together by entering the university that Peter chose, namely Stanford. 

This film officially comes out on February 12, 2021 on the Netflix platform, so it's just right next to Valentine! but you can still watch this film with friends, girlfriends, even with your mama anytime! because also in my opinion we can celebrate Valentine's Day every day with valuable spending time.

Hey! Back to the topic! Love stories, of course we feel not only sweet, right? It must also be seasoned with sparks such as feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment and many more that color the love story of two lovebirds. Peter and Lara-Jean must have felt that too. 

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Love story in high school is the most beautiful period when filled with people who are fit to live it, That's like Peter and Lara-Jean, even if you can say they are BUCIN AKA Slaves of Love! the point was they didn't want to be separated even when they were students, so they planned to go to Stanford. 

Lucky for Peter! he was accepted at Stanford while Lana-Jean was not accepted at Stanford. This made Lana-Jean very sad and very afraid to tell Peter about it. But guess what? Lana-Jean was welcomed at UC Berkeley as well as at NYU!

It was a matter of debate for himself whether he should go to UC Berkeley or NYU. If he goes to UC Berkeley, meeting Peter at Stanford is easier, even every week they can meet but if he goes to NYU the distance between them is very far. 

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A misunderstanding between the two of them began to emerge, they began to be haunted by the fear they avoided, namely a long distance relationship or LDR. For couples who are already dating, who is still ready for an LDR? even Lara-Jean and Peter didn't want that to happen to either of them. Their study tour  to New York made Lara-Jean feel love at the first sight with the city. They both look for a way out for their relationship.

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Their journey didn't stop there, they had to go through a graduation ceremony and Prom !. Prom is one of the most awaited events in high school seniors to dance together with friends before separating to pursue their respective futures. 

In fact, I also felt how the euphoria felt at prom was happy and sad to be one to remember and celebrate togetherness during high school when I became a freshman to become a senior, coupled with the prom king and queen nominations in each generation!

In my opinion, this teen romance film teaches us how we will enter a more mature world with how we face a problem and also think more mature in choosing a decision. Thru ups and downs also of course with war with ourselves how we determine it. 

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Just like Lara-Jean who was in a dilemma with her choice. This film gives us a lesson about the journey to the adult hood which is feared by teenagers who will step on the world of college, I also think that the depiction of Peter, who initially did not seem to accept Lara-Jean's decision to take NYU as his choice, my initial impression saw him as Peter became Selfish about it, Lara-Jean has a future with it too, but they finally find a solution to their problem. 

Their maturity is one of their keys in overcoming the boundaries that exist between the two of them, the future is important for both of them and their love story is still fighting for them, with one key is TRUST. 

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The trilogy film To all The Boys also not only presents their love story, but also about family, sisterhood, friendship  and one of them is also about making peace with the past, such as the relationship between Peter and his father. Because of that I said from the start that this film is very cool to watch with friends, girlfriends, and even your mom to spend time with people you love. Before watching the film To all The Boys: Forever and Always , you can do a movie marathon with two films from the adaptation of Jenny Han who are part of this film trilogy, namely To All the Boys I've Loved Before and To All the Boys: PS I Still Love Youon the Netflix platform .

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