THE FURY OF A PATIENT MAN Who Thirst for Blood

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THE FURY OF A PATIENT MAN Who Thirst for Blood

The film opens with a single shot scene  where we are in the backseat of a car waiting for the robbers to finish finishing the booty of a jewelery shop. Then one of the robbers ran towards the car with the driver already waiting, and the other two robbers who were struggling to run towards the car. The sound of a police car approaching, the robber who was already in the car again ran out because he didn't want to wait for the other robbers, while the driver quickly drove his car. But his efforts were in vain, his car was hit by another car and the driver caught him.

All of that was shot in one  shot  , and whether it really was one  shot or if there  was some really clever editing involved I don't know. However, what I do know is The Fury of a Patient Man - which is now on Netflix and I don't know how long - is a film that has the energy of an indie film  with fast camera movements and, as if made with a  handheld camera , the film feels grainy.and also the story is quite intense and doesn't waste time. Wait for me to correct it, the beginning of the film feels like a waste of time but after 30 minutes of running, the new film feels the intensity that I mentioned earlier.

We follow José (Antonio de la Torre), a quiet man who often spends his time in a small cafe. The cafe owner is Ana (Ruth Diaz), the mother and wife of one of the robbers who robbed a jewelery shop at the beginning of the film. After meeting several times, they ended up spending one night together. But this apparently is not José's main goal, because the goal is Ana's husband, Curro (Luis Callejo) who is the driver of the robbery at the jewelery shop.

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During the first 30 minutes, the film may feel confusing because of the many characters who enter and leave the story, with meaningless dialogue and scenes that don't have any impact on the story. This initial 30 minutes is also what makes it quite difficult to keep up with the story line, but as time goes by, I begin to find enlightenment on

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José has a lover who works in a jewelery shop, and her boyfriend coincides at work when her shop is robbed by a group of masked men. Her boyfriend was beaten so many times that José said, “I don't recognize him, his face is so swollen. His face was damaged from the beating. " Because of his wound, his girlfriend died right in front of José in a hospital. He finally plans a revenge for the robbers, with Curro who will help him find the rest of the robbers.

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With Ana, José can extract information from Curro at will. He first leaves Ana and her child at his home away from the city, while he meets Curro and tells him to tell the location of any muggers who robbed him. Second, he and Curro are looking one-on-one to avenge the death of their lover, and there is nothing Curro can do but to deliver José, fearing for the safety of Ana and their child.

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The Fury of a Patient Man , or in the Spanish version is Tarde para la ira , is a  thriller that is quite impressive, especially if you know that this is Raúl Arévalo's first film as a director. At first the film may feel messy, but as the thriller  elements come into the story, this film becomes more alive and, like the main character, has a purpose. This is where movies start wasting no more time. So it is with José.

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As the name of the film suggests, José is a patient person. He is also a quiet person, even when he first approached Ana at a nightclub. However, as well as the "Fury" part in  The Fury of a Patient Man , he is a person who has a lot of anger. Equipped with  his double-barreled shotgun , the rage is turned into a revenge mission. With José, Antonio de la Torre has shown his capacity to play someone who can kill with just his gaze. Not needing to talk or act out a lot, José is not one to waste his time.

Curro's presence on José's revenge journey also adds to the interesting dynamics between the two characters. Curro is a wild, ferocious and dangerous person. He is the type of person who is quick to get emotional and doesn't hesitate to beat other people up before talking about it well. In contrast to José who is quiet and sometimes still hesitates to do something. But here, it was precisely this quiet person who was far more dangerous than a wild person.

Raúl Arévalo has also made thriller films  that still stick with a human side. He cleverly makes all the characters in this film have a human side that manages to attract sympathy, even including the target of José himself, which of course adds to the inner conflict both psychologically and morally. The Fury of a Patient Man is the type of film that questions whether taking revenge is the best way to remember someone who has left us, clad in a  thriller enough to make the characters embark on a journey to the next stage of life.

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