Synopsis of The Gambler Film, Mark Wahlbergs Complicated Life Because of Gambling

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Synopsis of The Gambler Film, Mark Wahlbergs Complicated Life Because of Gambling

This is the result of filmmaker Rupert Wyatt's directing when he turned down the offer to undertake the sequel project for the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the installment reboot of the famous old film saga Planet of the Apes , which thanks to his cold hands has successfully transformed into one of the reaping 2011 releases. positive results in both the commercial and quality fields. The presence of this film also adds to the long list of old Hollywood films that have a recycled touch.

Jim Bennett (Wahlberg) is known as a risk taker. A double profession as an English professor as well as a big gambler, Bennett risked everything when he borrowed huge sums of money from gangsters with the guarantee of his own life in exchange. Always one step ahead, Bennett pits his creditors against gambling managers and leaves his family out of sync. However, as the intensity of his illicit relationship with one of his students, Amy Phillips (Larson) increases, Bennet must take enormous risks to get a second chance to rebuild his life.   

As mentioned earlier, this film is recycled because Wyatt's latest work is a remake of a film of the same title which was released in 1974 by installing actor James Caan as the holder of the central character, Alex Freed. Returning to this latest version of The Gambler, this film is actually a project owned by Martin Scorsese which he then left and was replaced by Wyatt.

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Although this film carries the premise of a story that is arguably nothing special and counted not once or twice, it is actually also aimed at the creators to get glances from the Oscar judges. For this reason, Wahlberg, who previously appeared in the latest Transformers installment here, has even done a body make-over by shrinking his body weight by up to 30 kg to play Bennett. Unfortunately, it seems that the actor's sacrifice did not produce a sweet result, because during his limited screening sessions, although the overall presentation of The GamblerAs well as the actor's performance is not bad, Wyatt's final result is considered not impressive enough among critics to receive solid positive appreciation, because this film is considered to provide a viewing package that "plays safe" when compared to the original version.

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The synopsis of The Gambler film will be one of the stories with the crime-drama genre from director Rupert Wyatt. He along with screenwriter William Monahan worked on the film which is based on a 1974 movie of the same title.

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The film is a film by James Toback which is indeed so famous and interesting if it does a remake . The Gambler is scattered with popular stars, such as Mark Wahlberg, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Michael K. Williams, and Jessica Lange.

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Synopsis of The Gambler Film
The story in this film tells of a Jim Bannet (Mark Wahlberg). He is a literature professor who has a double life. He is a very genius lecturer in English literature. However, on the other hand, he is someone who is addicted to gambling.

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Every night he spent gambling at a blackjack club table and the roulet wheel. Until one day, he owed gambling with an owner of the gambling place, namely Lee (Alvin Ing) for 24 thousand dollars.

In addition, in the synopsis of the film The Gambler, he also owes Neville Baraka (Michael Kennet Williams) a debt of 50 thousand dollars. Lee gave Jim time to pay off the debt in 7 days.

He also decided to return to ask for help from his mother. However, the mother has said that she doesn't want to give him any more money.

How to Pay Off Debt by Continuing to Gamble
As a way of getting money to pay off his debt he did it by returning to gambling. The reason is to get a big win and be able to get rid of this debt.

Lee and Neville did not remain silent when Jim seemed unable to pay off their debt to them. Jim did everything he could to escape the dangers and demands of Lee and Neville.

Amy Philips (Brie Larson), who is a literature student, apparently knows this dark life. In the synopsis of the film The Gambler, he is a casino employee in order to earn money as a part-time employee.

The effort that Jim does is to do a lot of tricks in order to win the gambling table match. He along with Amy, Dexter (Emory Cohen), and Lamar (Anthony Kelley) tried to steal points during the match.

Jim also stakes everything together with Amy to get the win. Because Jim didn't pay his debt, Neville tortured and also pressed him to pay his debt.

Dealing With Moneylenders
Finally, Jim approaches a loan shark, Frank (John Goodman) to borrow money. As a result, Frank also borrowed 260 thousand dollars to pay off his debt to Lee.

However, with threats to kill Jim and all of his family if they don't pay off the money. In the synopsis of the film The Gambler, Lee's men attack Jim when he arrives. Jim came up with a request that Lee risked 150 thousand dollars.

This he said on the grounds that the only way to be able to pay his debt. Then, using the 150 thousand dollars, Jim bribed Lamar to follow the scheme he made, bet, and win.

Then, Jim sent Dexter to LA to make a bet on the $ 260,000 he had gotten from Frank. Lamar succeeded, so Jim took advantage of the win to pay off his debt to Baraka.

After that, Jim tried to convince Frank and Lee to meet him in a gambling room. He immediately paid off his debt. Then leave Lee and Frank in the room.

The money he paid for Frank was more than the amount he had borrowed. At the end of the synopsis of the film The Gambler, Jim finally takes a long journey to get to Amy's apartment.

Box Office Movies
This film is a work of Rupert Wyatt which brings back the story of James Toback's work of the same title in 1974. The Gambler was released on December 25, 2014.

The star of the main character, Mark Walhberg, is also a producer of the film along with Robert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler, Stephen Levinson, and David Winkler.

The director himself, Rupert Wyatt, collaborated with screenwriter William Monahan in working on a film with this crime drama action.

As for the rating on the IMDb website, The Gambler still has a fairly high acquisition, which is 6.0 out of 10 scores. Meanwhile, the rating for the Rotten Tomatoes website was 46 percent and Metacritis was 55 percent.

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