Story of the Week: BTS, From the Land of Ginseng to Shake the World

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Publish Date : 2021-03-20

Story of the Week: BTS, From the Land of Ginseng to Shake the World

In recent years, the world music industry has been rocked by the presence of seven young men from South Korea who joined the idol group BTS . Every month there is news of their achievements.

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Starting from news about concert tours at major world stadiums, international awards, to entering the Billboard charts. Finally, they were even nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards , becoming the first Korean group to get them.

The beginning of this great journey started when seven Big Hit Entertainment trainees debuted in 2013. 

Since the beginning of their debut, BTS had to work hard in the K-Pop world which is known to be competitive. Moreover, they are not part of The Big Three, as the big South Korean agencies are called.

But their hard work finally paid off. Slowly their music and personalities stole the attention of K-Pop fans. Army, the name for their fans, began to show their existence and loyalty.

One of the earliest gongs to echo BTS's name to the general public, not just K-Pop fans, was when they won the Top Social Artist category at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

This victory stole the public's attention because BTS broke Justin Bieber's record, which previously took home this award for six consecutive years.

BTS is increasingly recognized by the public. Moreover, they are often invited to famous talk shows, and for the first time appearing at the American Music Awards.

Not only in the entertainment world, BTS has even entered the realm of international politics. They were invited to address the UN General Assembly in 2018.

BTS also received recognition from a number of the world's top artists. They had collaborated with Steve Aoki, Halsey, Lauv, and Honne. A number of celebrities have also claimed to be amazed by Jungkook and his friends, from Ariana Grande to wrestler John Cena.

With all the achievements BTS has achieved, many are hoping that the 2021 Grammys will be the climax for the group's journey. Unfortunately, this gramophone trophy was out of their grasp.

However, RM responded to this optimistically. I don't see it as a failure, try to look at it from the positive side. We were nominated for the first time and performed solo for the first time, he said.

The name of the boy band BTS returned to prominence shortly after the news that the seven members extended their contracts for the next 7 years under Big Hit Entertainment. 

If accumulated, their total is under the auspices of Big Hit Entertainment 13 years, from the first six years of the contract (2013-2019), now they are continuing with the second contract (2019-2026). Inevitably the ARMY, as BTS fans cheer and greet them enthusiastically. 

The hashtag # 7MoreYearsOfBTS also became a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday (18/10). The news of the signing of the 7-year contract for BTS members was conveyed by Big Hit's management the day before. 

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And this is not the first time this boyband, which has just released the hit 'Idol' in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, has rocked the world. Since their success with the album ' Love Yourself' , they have continued to move to carry the 'Love Myself' action campaign, shortly after reaching the 'American Music Awards' stage, winning the Billboard award, the figure of Time magazine's The Next Generation Leaders, and speaking on the UN podium. 

With seven members, BTS consists of RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin, Suga (MinYoongi) and V (Kim Taehyung). 

In the past year, this boy band seemed unstoppable several times to set their own records and penetrate the Asian to US market share. Summarized from several sources, here are at least 17 moments BTS surprised and discussed: 

1. The hashtag # 7MoreYearsOfBTS
Big Hit Entertainment announced on Wednesday (17/10), the seven BTS members extended their contracts until 2026.This also confirms that for the next seven years, they will still be together, and thus their fans will no longer doubt that there will be solo. career, which is always a scourge for every boyband. 

In its official statement, Big Hit Entertainment, as quoted from Hollywoodlife, revealed that the contract extension period is quite long for long-term cooperation, especially considering their ongoing world tour. This news immediately became buzzing on Twitter, and some fans greeted him by posting reactions in the form of funny memes that caused laughter, such as shocked reactions and tears. 

2. Korean Ambassador in France 

BTS is one of the bands performing at the France-South Korea friendship concert on Sunday (14/10). They also met President Moon Jae-in and embraced. They performed on this stage on the sidelines of the world tour and received a positive response in France. 

3. Burn the Stage: the Movie 
This will be BTS's first feature-length film taken from their 2017 Wings Tour backstage trip . This film is reportedly also a long version of the documentary series released on Youtube Red of the same name which was released last March. Film Burn the Stage; the Movie itself is scheduled to air on November 15th. The wings tour is said to consist of 40 concerts in 19 cities in various countries. 

4. Next Generation Leaders for TIME magazine 
BTS was chosen to be the Next Generation Leaders of TIME magazine, and is even called the ambassador of Korean K-Pop. The Next Generation Leaders 2018 Time also includes Ariana grande, The Weeknd, and the Queens. 

5. Speaking at the UN podium 
RM and six other BTS members delivered a 'Speak Yourself ' speech at the UN meeting during the launch of the new UNICEF program. He conveyed the message Love Yourself and advised

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