Princess Diana Takes Over Season Four of THE CROWN

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Princess Diana Takes Over Season Four of THE CROWN

Is what is depicted in  The Crown really happening or is it just a dramatization of the writer and director? Although it is not uncommon for the question to appear every time I watch this Netflix show, the truth or lies it has does not bother me that much. The fourth season has succeeded in drawing me into her world with a family drama that is more intense than ever, and with the presence of several new characters who have clearly injected new and fresh energy into it.

Just like before, this season the British royal family with Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) are at the center of all the issues and troubles that await her. Other family members also returned from the previous season with various personal problems. Like the previous season, family dramas that have never stopped embracing this fourth season. But even so, in this fourth season, women are more dominant in taking bigger roles, especially with the two new characters who have rocked the new season.

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Previously, the roles of Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter), had been quite dominant with their heartbreaking and grumpy tale. Now, the presence of new Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher (played perfectly by Gillian Anderson) and Princess Diana (also played with grace by young actress Emma Corrin) also has a significant impact on the story. Now, in season four, the women are in control of the storyline. And that seems to be what makes this new season look more graceful, more impactful and more dramatic than ever.

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Gillian Anderson is able to emit a sensitive aura but there is also a harsh nature behind it. I love how she moves so gracefully, speaks with tenderness but in a clear tone and how intellectually she plays a character. I remember seeing him first in the Hannibal series as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in which she also played a similar character to Margaret Thatcher in  The Crown . His presence may not be frequent, but every time he appears, the focus of my attention will go straight to his character who with a truly extraordinary appearance but still has a sensitive side and tenderness to it. The presence of Gillian Anderson certainly adds to the intensity of the series' fourth season.

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The streak of light shone not only on Gillian Anderson, but also on Emma Corrin, who played one of the most famous figures in history, an icon that even today still never escapes the conversation, Princess Diana. In this season we are also introduced to how he met Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) and how their marriage always encountered problems continuously until it finally reached a point where it might not be able to return.

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What's interesting in this fourth season is how they started to portray the royal family as a cold, cruel and even cunning family. In its fourth season, this series looks like trying to side with Princess Diana and highlighting how she must always endure the cold nature of her husband who always tries to meet his old lover and must always accept less warm treatment from the entire royal family, including from the queen herself. .

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The cruel treatment of the royal family sometimes raises the question I mentioned earlier, did what really happen? Did Princess Diana really get that kind of treatment? Even because the pressure is too high, he ends up suffering from the eating disorder bulimia, a symptom that makes a person force himself to regurgitate the food he had previously eaten. As for the bulima itself, I did find after reading that the disturbance had indeed occurred by the Princess of Wales.

But others? The Crown is known to often dramatize real events, but I wasn't bothered by that. Whether true or not, I find myself very curious about how Princess Diana is portrayed in this series. I find myself feeling frustrated when I see how Princess Diana was treated, and even when I realize that what is being portrayed may not happen I still feel how much life Princess Diana's character is here and how well she is portrayed by Emma Corrin.

As Princess Diana, Emma Corrin manages to give the appearance of someone who can be both innocent on the one hand, and graceful on the other. He succeeded in describing what we usually describe to Princess Diana. Young, elegant, and also has a noble character and has no ego. And that's also what makes it really sad to see him here, because as history goes on we know what awaits him in the future. With Princess Diana, Emma Corrin has returned to make us remember and also hopes to save her from the destiny that awaits her. It's not hard to say that the highlight of season four was Princess Diana.

In addition to the presence of two important new characters who really add to the intensity of the story, The Crown also still delivers each episode with a truly captivating appearance. Every shot looks clear and not only elegant but also looks elite. Coupled with the surrounding decor that pays close attention to every detail of the item - from every placement of photos and decorations on the table, to every painting on the wall, to every chair and table neatly located in every room - the fourth season of  The Crown tells a story that more intense than ever and still offers each story a satisfying visual experience.

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