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After STX Films released the animated film Uggly Dolls this year , this time they released Playmobil The Movie , an animated adventure film. Playmobil is a toy company founded by Hans Beck in 1974 in Germany. The toy "similar" to LEGO is a toy product that is quite successful and well known in Europe and America. This is Playmobil's second film, after Playmobil: The Secret of Pirate Island (2009).

Featuring voices from Anya Taylor-Joy , Jim Gaffigan , Gabriel Bateman , Adam Lambert , Kenan Thompson , Meghan Trainor and Daniel Radcliffe , this film tells the story of brothers, Marla and Charlie who love adventure and they both promise to plan an adventure together around the world. but one day the dream ran aground when they found their parents killed in an accident and made Marla take responsibility for being the head of the family and taking care of her only sister.

Four years after their parents left, Marla and Charlie's life is always filled with arguments, until one day Charlie gets angry with his brother for not being allowed to play, and finally Charlie decides to run away from home and end up at a Playmobil exhibition museum. In their search, Marla and Charlie are suddenly trapped in the world of Playmobil, and now they have to struggle to find their way back to the real world.

Starting from the   Playmobil building toy from Germany and founded by Hans Beck, who started production in 1974, this toy product always competes with the famous American product, Lego which has similarities.

This French film presents elements of comedy as well as musicals, as well as the meaning and value of brotherhood between brothers. Directed by Lino DilSalvo ( Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010), Bolt (2008) and co-written by Blaise Hemingway, Gregg Erb and Jason Oremland , the film is being funded by French company ON Entertainment and they plan to make the project this film as the first part of a trilogy.

For an animated film that targets children, Playmobil The Movie is indeed interesting with comedy and easy-to-digest stories, this film presents an exciting and hilarious adventure that will also feature spies with a mission to save the kidnapped in the world of Playmobil. . Playmobil The Movie also presents various adventure moments that are quite intriguing and remind us a little of The LEGO Movie .

Overall, the film Playmobil: The Movie is light enough for children to watch and teaches us to work together to solve every problem.

#Playmobil Movie Review: The Movie (2019): Lego Doesn't Have a Flying T-Rex!#

Apart from competing with Lego since 1974 in the realm of children's toys, Playmobil launched its second film, Playmobil: The Movie . Seeing the success of Lego: The Movie as well as several spin-offs, using films for promotional media is promising. But of course it must be with an interesting and nostalgic story for those who have played it.

The film Playmobil: The Movie tells the story of Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) and her younger brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) who live together after losing their parents in an accident. Marla, who intends to travel the world, has to bury her dream of working and taking care of her sister.

Until one day Charlie ran away and sneaked into a Playmobil exhibition. When Marla was found, the two of them were sucked into the world of Playmobil. Charlie turns into a Viking with a beard, tattoo, and power beyond the usual Playmobil. Charlie is finally kidnapped by Maximum who gathers strong people from all over the world of Playmobil to compete in the Colosseum.

And began Marla's adventure to find her sister. Assisted by a hipster truck driver (Jim Gaffigan) who has many 'connections', the two jump from one world to another. Starting from fighting with the Vikings, pre-history, cowboy era, modern, to ending in ancient Rome.

For children
Like animation that targets young audiences in general, the film Playmobil: The Movie still uses the old formula: two siblings get lost in a world they have just met and when one is kidnapped, the other tries to free it with the help of new friends who encountered along the way. Easy to understand and less confusing.

The story presented was quite light, with various slapstick comedies and crunchy jokes that made the audience laugh and grimace. Not to forget that there are many cute and cute characters that can make the audience, especially children, feel anxious. One of them is a robot (perhaps inspired by Wall-E) to a tiny winged dinosaur.

#(REVIEW) Playmobil: The Movie (2019)#

Playmobil toys brought to life on the big screen in the film Playmobil: The Movie . Produced by Lino DiSalvo, this animated film airs with a fresh concept and stars well-known artists. This film that evokes children's imagination is suitable for children's viewing this summer.

After the death of her parents in a car accident, Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) has to take care of her younger brother, Charlie (Gabriel Bateman). Marla must be willing to lose her dream of going to college and traveling the world .

When Charlie enters a toy warehouse, he finds a world of toys that turns out to have magic. Charlie and Marla must enter the world of lego, and struggle to return to the real world. Did they succeed?

Comes with a fresh concept, it can even be seen from the trailer , this film also has a simple premise. The concept of live action musicals and lego animation is one of the attractions of this film by Lino DiSalvo.

Indeed, they cannot be compared to Lego films , even though they both come from toy products. However, it is undeniable that the public will immediately think of Lego , because of the similar visuals. Fortunately, Playmobil: The Movie can come up with an original story.

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